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Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode #: 10509
Tape Date: 1/24/07
Air Date: 02/19/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Nick beats himself up over what he did to Chelsea…as Chelsea pouts…Meanwhile, Abby and Billie play both sides and try to make peace…Kayla tries to convince Steve to seek help…and EJ has a special patient transferred to Salem (can you guess who?...hint: there is a huge phoenix on the wall ;-)

At the Garage…Abby is back there working on a car when Nick comes in. He tells her that he has a leak in his brain…and asks if she can fix that. They talk about Chelsea and how he hurt her. He asks why she is there and she explains that Max is backed up and she is helping him (well…then why isn’t HE there?) Nick warns her about spending so much time around Max, that she will get hurt. But she informs him that they have talked and she learned that Max likes her as well…but he is with Mimi. They were honest with each other and it all worked out okay. He wishes he had been as honest with Chelsea. He wants to know what he can do to make it up to her and Abby thinks he should just lay low for a while and let her calm down. But Nick wants to do something big for her…maybe even buy her a car. He thinks that Abby and Max have connections and can help with that. She tells him that she is “Switzerland” she is absolutely neutral in all this. He says he will just have to figure something out to make it up to her. Abby gets an idea and says that she does know that Chelsea needs money, so maybe he can help get her that job at the hospital…but Nick thinks she is crazy. Abby gets a call from Chelsea to come over so she heads out. On her way, she tells Nick to think about calling his boss.

At Billie’s…Chelsea is moping around, listening to the numerous messages from Nick, begging for her to pick up the phone. She tells Billie she wishes he would stop calling. He lied to her and hurt her, now she never wants to see him again. Billie tells her that all the things he wrote to her…they were from him…from his heart. Chelsea just wishes he had told her how he felt, instead of what he did. Billie asks, and what would you have done? would only have made fun of him. Billie thinks it’s kind of romantic and talks about Cyro de Bergerac and Roxanne. Chelsea puffs up, asking WHY does Billie always defend him. Billie tells her yes, Nick made a mistake, but it wasn’t malicious…like most of the mistakes Chelsea has made. Billie thinks she should treat Nick the way she would like to be treated…he has been a friend to her.

At Chez Rouge…Nick is there guzzling beer when Billie arrives (he had called her). She is upset to see him drinking but he explains he has only had 2 and is stopping at 3 (his personal record, lol). He tells her he feels so bad…like a scum-sucking bum. He beats himself up as she assures him that she knows how he feels…she has been there herself and understands. She has done many things she regrets…including sleeping with her daughter’s best friend. He says he feels like his life is a bad country song and the needle is stuck on the part where he loses everything he loves. She takes his beer away and says that isn’t what he needs and orders him an espresso. He asks how Chelsea is doing and she tells him that right now, he is #1 on her hit list, it will take time for her to forgive him. He downs his espresso in one gulp, burning his mouth, then gulps water. He says that he doesn’t care what it takes, he is going to make it up to her. He tells her about Abby’s idea and Billie says it may work, but it could go either way…she could forgive him…or end up hating him more. But Nick says he has to do something to prove how he feels and that he is sorry. He says he is going to call Dr. Reibert tomorrow.

Back at Billie’s…Abby is there now as Chelsea whines about what happened with Nick and also about Bo tossing her out. She says she HATES Nick and goes on about how she embarrassed herself at the hospital. Abby tells her that Nick feels so bad and tries to explain that she tried to convince Nick to come clean with her. Well, now Chelsea is pissed to find out that Abby knew the truth all along and didn’t tell her. Abby says she has no excuse…and she is on no one’s side…she loves both of them. She was only hoping that Nick would do the right thing and tell her the truth. Chelsea asks who all knew…Maggie?…Stephanie?...Max?...was it a joke to everyone? Abby assures her it was only her and Nick. Chelsea says that she has been a horrible person for so long…maybe this is just payback. Chelsea gets a call from (guess who) Dr. Reibert, asking if she remembers him. (well, duh, lol). He informs her that the job hasn’t been filled yet and he was just looking over her application…is she still interested? He asks when can she come in for an interview and she says she will be right over. She gets off the phone and tells Abby she wants that job…that way she can be in Nick’s face, rubbing it in, and besides the good doctor was hot. She says she can use him to make Nick jealous. Abby asks why would she want to make Nick jealous and Chelsea says to hurt him. She takes off as Abby whips out her phone and calls Nick to congratulate him on putting his plan into motion. He tells her that he never called Dr. Reibert. He is upset, saying he is screwed, and rushes off.

Steve and Kayla…Steve is working out when Kayla comes in checking on him. He says he can’t sleep and asks if she is disappointed in him. She wishes he would have stayed in the hospital and says if he has a better plan, to let her know…and it’s time for him to step up to the plate. She pleads with him to get help, but he breaks down crying, saying he only needs her. He says he can’t believe all he has put her through…any other woman would have bolted. He says he can’t take losing her again…she is his life. She assures him that she isn’t going anywhere and asks him not to take the cowards way out. She says it is up to him…if he wants to leave, then pack his bag and leave…but don’t expect her to pack it for him or hold the door. She has never given up on him and she isn’t going to start now. She says he needs to decide how he wants to live his life…as a wounded soldier…or meet it head on. She says he can’t fight it on his own…he has tried and it didn’t work. If they don’t fix this now, it will only get worse. She says she will be in that bed every night and she wants him there…right next to her. She loves the man he is. He cries and admits that he is scared as they hug. She pleads with him to attack this and assures him that he is the victim in this…it is not his fault. He has survived so much and he can beat this as well. Later, they are going to bed and he talks about how lucky he is. He tells her that someday when he stands before the “big dude” and is asked what is the greatest thing he ever did, he will say that he let a girl named Kayla love him. He doesn’t know if that will get him into Heaven or not…but for him, THIS is Heaven right now. He tells her he knows she is upset with him for leaving the hospital but he couldn’t stand to be drugged and locked up. But he has made a decision…he is going to talk to Marlena and Kayla thanks him. Later, as they sleep, Steve dreams of being tortured (and EJ is there, telling him he is one of them). He wakes up and stares at Kayla.

At Some Warehouse…EJ meets some guy who tells him that “HE” is in back of the truck. EJ tells him to put him in the warehouse. They set up a makeshift hospital room in the warehouse as EJ pays the guy and warns him to tell no one. The nurses stabilize the patient as EJ sits by the bed and tells him that he has bought the best equipment and hired the best doctors and nurses in the world…”nothing is too good for you…Father”. He turns on some opera music, noting he knows how he loves it. He notes how he has eluded death before and will this time as well. He says he has a plan to save him and has located several potential donors. He talks about how he almost never met him and says he should have heard the awful things “mother” said about him. He says he doesn’t know who he would have become without him…he gave him the best of everything…he gave him the world. Now it is time to give something back. He says he is going to save his life…and if that means that others will die… (freeze frame on EJ) as the previews show…

Nick (to Chelsea): If I hadn’t pretended to be someone else, you would never have let me see who you really are…(Chelsea): You still don’t get it…(Nick): No, YOU don’t get it…I love you…

Celeste (to Sami): I know you were with EJ the night John was shot…

Lucas (to Kate): What?...are you on drugs or something?...(Kate): Sami didn’t save your life…EJ did…

Steve chokes Kayla as he hears evil laughter…as Kayla screams “STEVE!!!”...

And the credits roll…

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