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Monday, February 5, 2007

Episode: 10499
Tape Date: 1/12/07
Air Date: 2/05/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: I don’t know what is going on my days, but I had problems yet again today. The show had several false starts and ended up starting about 20 minutes late, therefore, my tape cut off before the show ended. It didn’t really look like that great of a show…more with Belle, Shawn & Co….Kate and Sami begin filming of her story and Kate gets a surprise…Steve and Kayla have a run-in with EJ.

At Chez Rouge…
Steve and Kayla are there as she is asking him if he had talked with Benji yet. Steve sees EJ walk in and calls Bo to find out what is going on. He finds out that EJ was arrested but they had to release him. Steve is bound and determined to go and talk to him, even though Kayla tries to stop him. He approaches him (calling him “squire crumpets”) as Kayla rushes over. EJ compliments Kayla and Steve tells him to not even LOOK at her. Steve demands to know what he made Benji do and that all the episodes started that night. As EJ is denying everything, he is tapping his knife on the table as it begins to have an effect on Steve. EJ says that Steve is sick and that there is nothing he can do. The tapping continues as Steve flips out as Steve grabs the knife and gets EJ in a choke hold…as everyone looks on.

At the Cabin…
Sami and Lucas arrive to film the documentary. Inside, Kate is with the director and crew, setting up for the shoot. They get ready to start filming as Sami sits on the sofa and tells the story (they plan on using some of it as voice over). Then they want her to re-enact the lifting of the beam (they have a dummy in place as Lucas). Lucas gets a call and goes outside to take it as Sami gets to the part about the roof collapsing and Lucas getting trapped. She explains how she went to the road for help but then came back and rescued him. They ask her to show them how she did it (they assure her that THIS beam they are using weighs MUCH less than the other one …about ½ the weight. She struggles with it but can’t budge it. As she is grunting and groaning, Lucas comes in and sees her and makes her stop…saying she will hurt the baby…as Kate’s jaw drops to the floor. She is upset that they didn’t tell her as they explain they were waiting. She says she wants to make a new start with Sami and be a part of the baby’s life (being as she missed Will’s childhood because of her feud with Sami). She offers her congratulations and then calls the crew back in (they were outside shooting exteriors). They shoot Kate moving the beam and say they will edit it to look like it is Sami. She tells the crew they got everything they need.

At the Flop House…
Philip is beating and banging on the door for Belle and Claire. He breaks open the door and goes in, hearing a baby crying. He sees someone holding a baby and goes over demanding Claire…but it isn’t Belle…it’s Stacy. He tells her to get her baby and get out. He looks for Belle as she steps out holding her baby. But outside, we see Chelsea and Stacy making an exchange…Stacy had Claire and took her out right in front of Philip. She hands her over to Chelsea and she takes off. Inside, Philip demands Claire as Belle hands her over…he unwraps her to find a baby doll. He is furious with her and makes threats. She asks what is he going to do…kill her? He tells her he wants to see her suffer for all she has done to him. He rants at her about leaving him after she lost the other baby and she points out that he didn’t care…he wanted to abort that baby. He calls her a liar and numerous other names as they argue. She says that he just wants his revenge on Shawn and he is yelling at her to just shut up. She says that she will never let him see Claire again and he spits that he is going to find Claire and storms out.

Philip had sent Willow back to the hotel while he went to hunt Belle/Claire. She wasn't too thrilled about that as she puts one hand on her stomach and says that no one treats her that way and Philip is going to find that out the hard way. She picks up his watch and says the baby's first lesson in life is to get payment up front.

At the Police Station...
At the jail, Nick begs them to let Shawn go and the cop tells them that Philip told them there was a warrant out for kidnapping. Nick insists they call Salem PD and talk to Roman Brady and he can clear it up. After the cops leaves, Shawn tells him he doesn’t think that was a good idea, but Nick explains that he talked with Mickey and he says that was the thing to do. The cop comes back and says he is free to go…there is no kidnapping warrant out for him, just some custody violation. Shawn is thanking Nick for all his help as Nick says it was all Chelsea…he was just along for the ride. He is praising her as she walks up with Claire. She walks in and tells Nick “we did it” and he says no, she did. Shawn thanks Chelsea and apologizes for the way he has treated her. He says he guesses they are a lot alike…must get it from their dad. He notices Belle isn’t there as Chelsea explains she stayed behind to distract Philip. Later, outside on the street, they are joined by Merle who tells them that they missed the freighter, but he has talked with someone and maybe can get them stowed away on a cruise ship…only thing is it is going to take a lot more money. Merle also told them he would get them new passports (3) so would need money for that in addition to the passage money. Nick tells them he has an idea and rushes off as they all plan on meeting up later at some diner. Shawn is holding Claire (so cute how she is looking at him calling him “da-da”). He is telling her that Mommy will be there soon…

And sorry, that is where the tape cut off on me. I’m not sure how much was left, but it was past the half-way point of the show. My best guess is that there was about 15-20 minutes left.

Just a bit more from Barb

Nick returns with the money, saying don't ask, he got it. Shawn thanks them both, telling Chelsea he will never forget what she did. Both say their goodbyes to Nick & Chelsea....and leave. Chelsea asks Nick what time is it....and he says, huh? She noticed that his watch was gone, the very expensive one his parents gave him when he graduated. He admits he sold it, saying you can always get another watch, but not another child.

This is where my tape cut off.

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