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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EPISODE: 10,505
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 1/19/07

Ho hum continues as Sami gets mixed reviews on her antics with Kate and EJ, but Lucas surprises her with a proposal; Mimi gets the news about her father; Belle’s fears come true; Celeste comes to the rescue.


Roman visits Sami, tempted to arrest her for stealing the surveillance tape of Kate and EJ from his office. He tells her Kate is threatening to sue Salem PD about it and could win. He’s disappointed in Sami as he thought she had changed her ways. He lectures her, but she stands up for what she did. Sami has no regrets, but feels Kate should sue her, not the PD. She offers her wrists saying she did the crime and is more than willing to pay the price and do time for it. He refuses, saying he put the disk back in the file already and figures Kate won’t press charges after she calms down. He warns her to not do something like that again. He asks if Lucas knows what she did. Sami refers to Kate as the bride of Satan, then apologizes, LOL He says no offense taken and tells her to lay off Kate, even if Kate doesn’t reciprocate. He leaves and Sami breaks down. Lucas walks in seconds later and she goes to his arms, saying she has something to tell him. She tells him about what happened, but Kate had beat her to it. She’s surprised he’s not mad, even happy about it, saying his mom and EJ deserved it. He had warned Kate to butt out of their business and kisses Sami, asking her not to lose that fire she has in long as it’s not aimed at him. He loves her and won’t let his mom ruin their lives any more. She and their baby are his priority now and if his mom interferes, she’s out of their lives for good (how many times have we heard that?) They talk about if he’ll work for EJ and Kate, and he says he’s thought a lot about John and Marlena. He realizes if you want something, you need to go after it when you can. Puzzled, she asks what he has in mind. He gets down on his knee, holding out an engagement ring and says, “Will you marry me?”

Max and Mimi visit Nick and he tells her the DNA matched her father’s. Mimi cries and figures her mother and brother must have killed her father. Max suggests they talk to Abe about this, but leaves the decision up to her.

CHELSEA chats on the phone with Abby (who’s at Salem Place). Abby senses Chelsea has a crush on Nick. Billie returns with good news about how Hope was praising Chelsea now and on her way over. (my, nice tv in the apartment for not having much money). Billie is surprised and pleased when Chelsea tells her she wants to help with expenses. She shows her an ad in the paper for a lab assistant at the hospital needing no experience, just someone who can do a lot of walking. Chelsea remembers how much walking she and Nick did in Canada and hurt Nick wasn’t honest about the opening being available. Billie figured the opening arose while they were in Canada. Chelsea figures Nick doesn’t want her around and disappointed, thinking he must think her too wild. She tells Billie how Nick slept with an older woman. She could have sworn he was a virgin (oh many teens tell their moms that kind of thing). She plans on cornering Nick to find out why he didn’t tell her about the job. Later at the hospital she asks Billie how to fill out the application form where it asks if she’s ever been convicted of a felony. She sees the doctor she thinks of as Dr. Shane Patton walk by. She calls out to Dr. Patton and he looks up. She figures it is him and rushes to hug him and kisses his face as he doesn’t push her away, just looks startled.

A nervous Nick asks Abby to meet him there. He’s afraid about Chelsea’s reaction to the job now available. Abby’s suggestion, tell Chelsea the truth. He’s all set to say the doctor he works for looks like her Lonely Splicer, but that’s just a coincidence. He wants to console her if she needs it.

Celeste arrives to find Abe and Theo at the dining table. He asks discreetly if she’d pick up some little valentine for Theo and she had already done so, then gives Theo a small truck. She promises to take him to the ice cream store. Abe gets up and trips on footstool and she helps him, asking if there’s any news about Lexie. He says no and Theo asks about his mother every day. Abe’s concerned as his vision worsens if he can take care of his son. She offers her help and he needs someone to be there for Theo and to read to him. She assures him that he’s Theo’s rock, but he knows his son needs someone with two good eyes and asks if it would okay if Theo came to live with her for a while. Celeste is worried about Abe living alone and Theo losing him as well as his mother. She suggests moving in with them as she could help with Theo as well as Abe. He’s thrilled with the suggestion and accepts. Mimi and Max visit Abe and tell him what the DNA tests revealed. Abe’s sorry to hear it and worried about what this might mean for her mother and brother. Later Celeste and Theo return from getting ice cream. She said Theo’s excited about her moving in. Abe wants her to have the master bedroom saying it’s too painful for him to use it anymore anyway.

Shawn splurged on some baby clothes, much to Belle’s dismay. He wants her and Claire to get out of the cabin and enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, the ships doctor (who looks like he barely graduated high college), alerts the captain there’s something funny about a couple of passengers and suggests they check them out (Belle and Shawn). Later Belle and Claire lie on the chaise (Claire in her baby buggy) in the sun and Shawn returns in his swim trunks, wet and wearing scuba gear. He entered a diving competition and won the gear. She tells him that she and Claire had fun at the baby pool and made some friends from Montreal there. They feel safe. Shawn suggests they get off the ship and hike on an island layover, but Belle doesn’t want to leave the ship. A cheerful waiter delivers their smoothies and some candies for Claire, referring to them as Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. Not knowing if they should tip or not, they figure they should get their own drinks from now on. Belle looks over the newspaper and sees their picture and an article about how they’re wanted for child abducting (oh paleez). A worried Belle hurries out of the chaise and pushes Claire’s stroller back to their room, saying she’s not leaving until they reach Australia. Back in their room she’s terrified, packing, saying she wants off the boat. (how about coloring/cutting your hair at least!) He’s worried they don’t have any way to take care of themselves on the island. The captain knocks on their door to tell them there’s a problem with their passports…as the previews roll…

LUCAS TO SAMI (who’s crying uncontrollably): “You can tell me, all right? Why are you so upset?”

CHELSEA angrily pushes NICK screaming: “Nick, how can you do this to me?”

STEVE TO KAYLA: “…can’t be happy until we find out the truth and Wells is the only one who can give it to me.”

PHILIP and WILLOW walk into SHAWN and BELLE’S room on the ship and Philip says: “You aren’t taking my daughter anywhere. Did you really think I’d let you get away with this?”

As the credits roll…Linda

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