Monday, February 19, 2007


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Episode #10,510
Tape date 1/24/07
Director - Phil Sogard

Chelsea has her job interview, Kate's visit to Lucas does not turn out well for her, while Sami's visit to Celeste gains her a friend in need.

Chelsea arrives for her interview with Dr. Rebert, as Nick eavesdrops outside. She apologizes once again for her actions the last time they met, but Dr. Rebert is very accomodating. He is glad she was able to come, as he doesn't usually interview this late in the day. But needless to say, there really is no interview. He just tells her she has the job, and proceeds to flirt a bit with her. She is very excited, promising to do whatever he wants, and she will do a good job. He says something about, what, no kisses this time? (Uh, oh). She leaves, and outside in the hall, Nick stops her. She wonders what he is going there, duhhh, he works there. Chelsea tells him that when she teased him about his hair, polyester shirts, shoes, etc. she was not being mean, but considered him her friend. He says he knows that. They talk a bit about his impersonation of Dr. Patton....and Chelsea tells him he just doesn't get it. He replies, no, YOU don't get it. I love you. Chelsea is startled, but Nick has wanted to say those words to her for a long time. After she leaves, Nick goes into the lab, telling Dr. Rebert that Chelsea is really not as worldly as she seems. Rebert tells Nick he is out of line, and already skating on thin ice. Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to the garage, where evidently Abby is working late again, this time on the books. She brags about getting the job, and mentions Nick saying he loved her. She talks about going shopping the next day, and Abby wonders why, as wouldn't she just be wearing a lab coat? She certainly hopes not. Abby wonders which Dr. Patton is it that Chelsea wants to dress for.....Nick, or Dr. Rebert.

Celeste is playing with Theo, and tells him his dad is going to read this book to him when he comes home. (Thought Abe was going blind???) She sends him off to work on a puzzle, as she opens a piece of mail. My goodness, it is a speeding ticket for Alexandra. Celeste murmurs how she was always warning Lexie about speeding. She looks at the 2nd part of the ticket, and is startled. She calls Sami, telling her to get over to the house within 10 minutes, or she is going to call the police. Sami arrives apparently in record time, and Celeste begins to question her about Lexie being missing, and wonders what Sami knows about it. Sami is perplexed, not understanding what Celeste is driving at. Celeste shows her the ticket, along with the PICTURE taken of the occupants of the car and the license plates. She says that is definitely Lexie's car, but certainly not Lexie in it. (The picture shows Sami & EJ with the license plate - PKT 352 and the words "The Friendly State" under the numbers. LOL. So now we know the name of the state...Friendly. Wonder what the zip code is. heheheh)
Sami's lip quivers, as she tells all to Celeste. How Lucas was injured, and their car would not start, so she flagged down a car, and was so happy when it stopped. But then it turned out to be EJ, who agreed to help her with Lucas, if she got him thru the roadblock. She is beginning to cry as she tells Celeste he wanted to have sex with her, and "plant his seed". Celeste is horrified, saying...darling, he raped you, and Sami nods. Celeste wants her to tell the police what Elvis has done, but now Sami tells of being pregnant, and not knowing who the father is. And how EJ told her that Stefano sent him to Salem to plant his seed in a Brady woman. She is beating herself up, but Celeste tells her she is not a victim, but a survivor. Celeste realizes that even if Stefano is dead, the evil continues. She comments that Lexie may not have witnessed EJ shooting John, but Tek did, and he is missing, too. She thinks EJ has murdered them both. Sami says, no, maybe he is just holding them somewhere. Celeste promises to keep Sami's secret, but worries about EJ learning the existence of the picture. Sami promises not to reveal anything about that. She leaves.

Earlier, in their apt., Sami is looking at a Bridal book, talking of her failed weddings, of how all her dreams as a young girl have always come to naught. Lucas reassures her that nothing will happen this time, and promises all will go well. Sami knows she will start showing soon, and so they do not have much time. Knock, Knock. Sami mutters it better not be EJ, but no, it is her nemesis, Kate, who comes in spouting her same ol, same ol tirades about Sami. Lucas lets her know he had warned her about respecting Sami, and lets her know he has proposed, and they are to be married. This sets Kate off, as usual. Sami gets a phone call, (see above), hangs up saying it was a telemarketer, and then saying she is going shopping, she just is tired of all this. Kate questions the time, but Sami just says she will be back, she has to get out. Now Kate goes after Lucas, asking if he is not suspicious, etc. Nope, he trusts her. This leads Kate right into her accusations and theory about Sami helping rescue Lucas, but that it was really EJ. Lucas has had enough. Where is her proof. He really gives Kate what for, talks of the baby coming, and how Kate doesn't care about anything except winning an argument. Just control. He talks of Austin, Billie and now Philip (hmmm, what about Rex & Cassie?) and look what has happened with them and her interference. He loves Sami, and has warned her over and over about respecting her. He opens the door, telling her to leave. He tells Kate she is no longer welcome in this apt., that she is not invited to the wedding, or the Christening, or Will's graduation.
Sami returns, and asks about Kate. Lucas tells her she is gone, that he has disowned her, mentioning how Kate thinks Sami had EJ helping her. Sami says Kate is crazy, as they hug and Sami tells him she loves him so much, and to never forget it.

As Kayla & Steve sleep, he is twitching, shaking as he dreams of being tortured. (This is black & white)He sees a hand turn off some knob, the twitching stops, and EJ takes off the restraints. As he bends over Steve, he turns and grabs EJ by the throat, choking him as EJ lets out a maniacal, evil laugh. It goes to color, as we see Patch is choking Kayla, who is gasping his name. Suddenly Steve realizes what he is doing, and flings himself across the room, onto the floor, saying, no, no, no, no, no. Kayla picks up a lamp, to ward off any further attack, but Steve is nearly crying as he says he was dreaming, dreaming of choking EJ. Now he tells her of escaping from the hospital, and confronting EJ.....and how something happened and he doesn't remember. But in his dream he does remember EJ saying "you are now one of us." Kayla now starts the same ol mantra we have heard over and over about getting him help, and him refusing. He says it will not help. Kayla reminds him that John was a pawn, and look at the life he has now. Steve reminds her that John has been shot, and is in a coma. He wants Kayla to call police and report him for domestic violence. She refuses, and will not charge him with assault. He says he would kill himself before ever laying another hand on her. He grabs a bag and begins to pack. For her safety, he is leaving her. And the previews show:

Belle: Do you have a plan?
Shawn: It's dangerous, but I think it's our only chance

Steve to Kayla: Don't try to stop me. Don't make me live the rest of my life with your blood on my hands.

Lucas to Sami: What's with you? I mean, I know you don't want people to know your pregnant, but especially EJ?? Philip lifts her up and over the rail of the ship..What the hell, Philip. Put me down. She screams!


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