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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To all our faithful readers…One of our partners in crime, Linda, has been dealing with some health problems this month and is unable to assist with the Early Edition. But not to leave you hanging, we ARE posting a very brief synopsis for today and Thursday. Please keep Linda in your thoughts and prayers and she will hopefully be back soon!

Sami and Lucas go out to dinner and EJ shows up to torment her (as usual). After he sends Lucas away to handle some business, he informs Sami that he is aware that she is pregnant and is reasonably sure HE is the father. She stands by her story and insists that Lucas is the father. He isn’t so convinced…and wants a paternity test. After EJ leaves, Sami covers. Once outside, EJ calls Lucas and tells him he wants to meet with him in the morning…man to man.

Steve finally convinces Kayla to operate on John after he explains that she may be his only chance to live…if she doesn’t do it, the HACK will and he doesn’t care if John lives or dies. He also lets her know that many other people may die if they don’t cooperate…which leads her to realize that he means Stephanie. After the surgery, the nurse takes the kidney and leaves, but Steve never tells her who it was for. She finally convinces him to let her call the police and an ambulance. He tells her that he loves her and wanders off.

Philip and Willow arrive at the cop shop and he tells her to get out. She pleads and begs him to not abandon her, but he won’t listen. Inside, Bo and Roman are working on finding John when Philip comes in with a box marked “REMAINS”. He shows them items belonging to Belle, Shawn and Claire, telling them about Claire’s blood on the raft and that they are presumed dead. He will make all the Bradys pay for this! After he leaves, Bo studies a section of the raft that was in the box and decodes the word… “SAFE” …realizes that it’s Shawn’s message to him that they are okay.

Philip goes back to the car to find Willow still hanging around. She pleads and begs with him for help, for the sake of her baby, and threatens to tell everyone it is his, ruining his reputation. He finally gives her a wad ‘o cash and tells her to get lost. She grabs it and leaves, warning him he will pay.

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