Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Wednesday, February 14th

Episode: 10,506
Taped: 1/19/07
Director: Albert Alarr

February Weeps continues, oops, sorry, I mean February Sweeps, tho one would never know it so far. If you are looking for romance, hearts and flowers, soft music, candles, keep looking, cuz you won’t find it in Salem for Valentine’s Day. Instead, Sami cries a lot as Lucas proposes, EJ lets Steve off the hook with threats all around, Philip finds Shawn & Belle, & an embarrassed Chelsea learns the truth


Lucas is still down on one knee, telling Sami how much he loves her and wants her, and tho expecting her to be happy, she bursts into tears, says she can’t, and buries her head in the sofa. He wonders what is wrong, he thought they were happy, and does his best to get her to open up. She claims she is so difficult, but he knows that and says he loves it about her, loves everything. She finally says yes, but worries about his mother always trying to break them up. Lucas AGAIN claims that if she does, she is out of their lives. (yeah, Lucas, you are like a broken record with that statement, but never follow through). Now Lucas goes to get something he bought for their baby, a marsupial, with a little baby in it’s pouch. (I think it is a wombat). He says something about this time knowing the baby is his from the very beginning, and Sami gets angry and cries again. He apologizes, did not mean it, but she remembers how he did not know Will was his for so long. They talk, with Lucas proclaiming he thinks their baby is a girl, tho he would not mind a boy. They make great boys. They kiss, and fade out. Later, as they bask in the afterglow, there is a knock, knock at the door. Sami doesn’t want to answer, but Lucas insists. Who else is it, but the Prince of Darkness from across the hall, wanting to make sure Sami was o.k. after yesterday’s little show. He assures her all is o.k. with him & Kate in regard to that, and then spots the ring box, asking if they are celebrating something. Lucas tells him they are engaged, and EJ offers his congratulations, surprised that this happened so suddenly. And of course, he now spies the stuffed animal, picks it up, asking if there are going to be any additions to the family. Lucas is about to blurt out that it is for their baby, when Sami interrupts, claiming she got it for their niece, for Claire, when she gets back. EJ leaves, reminding them of the meeting in New York, a family affair. He goes out, and Sami once again bursts into tears. Lucas holds her, as EJ listens outside the door, saying “you’re hiding something, Sami,. I wonder what it could be”.


Kayla tries to reason with Steve, telling him if he doesn’t continue with the treatment, the DiMeras will still have a hold on him. Cue EJ to come strolling in, announcing that he has reconsidered, and is dropping all charges. Steve refuses, telling EJ he knows he tortured him, and wants to know why. EJ tells Kayla that Steve needs help, and insists he will still drop the charges. Kayla tells Steve to go sign the papers, and then tells EJ to stay away from her husband. She promises to keep Steve away from him, but warns EJ that if any harm comes to Steve, she will kill EJ herself. She goes out, Steve returns. He wants to know what is up. EJ tells him to just go along with the game, or something just might happen to someone close to him, Kayla for instance. He leaves, and Steve stumbles a bit, as his head seems to be hurting. (Can we end all these episodes and get our normal Patch back already?) Kayla returns, and Steve picks up his jacket, a little box falls out. He tells Kayla he has been carrying it around for a while, and it is for Valentine’s Days. (How romantic….NOT! In the middle of the police station…..oh, well.) She opens it, and it is a necklace with 2 intertwined hearts. Kayla thinks it is lovely, and wishes they could just put everything behind them, but Steve says he cannot forget what EJ and the DiMeras have done to him. (Anyone remember last summer being told “no more DiMeras?”)


Chelsea stops the hugs and kisses, being there is no response from the good doctor. She realizes something is wrong, and asks if he is not Dr. Shane Patton. Nope, he is Dr. Rebert. She mentions Lonely Splicer, and he wonders if she is on drugs. LOL. Billie just watches, as a puzzled Chelsea wonders who used his picture to fake her out. She apologizes, explaining how she came there to apply for the lab assistant job, had wanted her friend, Nick Fallon to put in a good word for her, and again says how sorry she is, and rushes out. Billie follows and ties to make sense of the whole thing. She thinks maybe some guy, a patient or orderly, saw Chelsea when she was doing community service at the hospital and was too shy to let her know who he was. Chelsea decides she has to find Nick, as he will be able to figure it all out. Billie calls Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick & Abby are at Billie’s apt. looking for Chelsea. No answer. (wonder how come they don’t see EJ, the man is everywhere, it seems.) Nick is upset, and Abby tries to talk sense to him. He talks of how well they got along in Toronto, and Abby tells him how Chelsea called him a hero. His cell rings, and there is Billie, telling him that Chelsea saw this doctor, who was not Shane Patton, and is very upset, and on her way to see him. Nick takes off.

Chelsea arrives at Maggie’s looking for Nick. Maggie tells her she is welcome to wait, and can go up to his room if she likes. (hmmm, happy to see the beautiful Maggie, even for 5 seconds, but that is a bit presumptuous of her) Chelsea goes upstairs and into Nick’s room (wonder how she knew where it was? LOL). She takes off her coat, wanders a bit around the room, and then sees these two movie posters on the wall. Old movies, but really great ones. Shane (starring Alan Ladd) and Patton (starring George C. Scott). Her eyes move from the word Shane to the word Patton, as she repeats them aloud. In comes Nick. Chelsea rails at him, reading him the riot act, and says she never wants to see him again. Nick explains, how he stumbled on her video blog while at work , and she seemed so sad, so vulnerable, and he just wanted to help her. He apologizes, but a crying Chelsea talks of how she was so completely honest, how she told things she never told anyone else, how she trusted this person who only existed in Nick’s immagination. She is angry, and crying and stalks out.

Shawn & Belle make up excuses as to why they can’t find Claire’s immunization papers, but the Captain will have none of it. He asks for their passports, as he is sure they are falsified. Belle hands them over, the Captain examines them and says they are fraudulent. They offer to leave the ship, but the Captain has to detain them. Now Shawn and Belle tell the truth, talking of the terrible man who wants to take their child, and how they went on the run to try and start over. They ask if the Captain has a daughter, and he does, and how would he feel if someone was trying to take her away, but the Captain says no, he cannot look the other way and let them go. Shawn begs, Belle pleads, the Captain looks as if he might be waivering. The door opens and in comes Philip & Willow. Philip insists the Captain do his duty, and give him Claire, drags out the court order for temporary custody (wait a second, they are on the open sea, it is no good, is it?). He threatens the Captain, who is not at all appreciative with how Philip is throwing his weight around. Philip tells the Captain he is of the Kiriakis Shipping Company, and the captain may very well end up on a tramp steamer if he does not carry out his duty, and take Claire away from the couple. Shawn steps in front of Belle, who is holding Claire. And the previews roll……

Willow to Shawn: I’m pregnant and Philip wants to take care of me and my baby. So what do you think about that?

Philip (holding Claire): Why don’t we take out little girl home.Belle: What?Philip: together, Belle, what do you say?

EJ (holding a glass of champagne or something) to Sami: Why don’t we have a toast to your child. Here’s to motherhood, eh?

Bo to Chelsea: I’ve got a signed, sworn statement right here, saying you were involved. You’re not my daughter.


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