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Wednesday, February 7th

EPISODE: 10501
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico
TAPE DATE: 1/12/07

EJ makes nice with another of Kate’s children; Sami and Roman chat; John reaches out to Marlena and will Steve sign the commitment papers? Read below to find out.

EJ walks out of his apartment to see Billie struggling with the door to her apartment. She hasn’t read the papers lately to know he’d returned and charges were dropped against him as she’s been busy moving into Lucas’ old apartment. She comments how timely it is that Chelsea’s out of town during the move and when he brings up her mother helping her, she laughs. He fills her in on how Kate and him are back working together as is Lucas and that Samantha is not only happy about it, but encouraged Lucas to do so. Billie is shocked at this news. He is fine that Lucas and Sami are happy together, even admires them that they think their love will last forever and he’ll find someone else. She tells him that Kate invited her to his presentation that evening. He picks up the box that she says weighs a ton easily and says for her to show him the way. We find them moving more boxes up to the apartment and she wonders if Lucas will wonder if she’s got a warehouse going on with all her things (where did she have all of this stuff at Bonnie’s?) EJ offers the use of his apartment to store things and she refuses. She tells him she can’t rely on other people and has to be responsible. She tells him about how she was a big exec at a cosmetic company years ago and that she and her mother were partners. Things didn’t work out and she left and things snowballed to Hell after that. She went into law enforcement and loved it, but personal problems ended that. She’s not going to set an example to her daughter of depending on others. Her dream now is to start a home security business that’s affordable to most people without a lot of expensive high tech gear. EJ proposes Mythic and her work together on this. He offers to share a bottle of wine to talk about it in his apartment, but she tells him she doesn’t drink. She does agree to go to his apartment and talk about it though.

Steve is returned to the cell in his bright orange jumpsuit after his arraignment. Kayla is with him as the guard puts him back in the cell. He was charged with: Assault and battery, Resisting arrest, and his personal favorite…terrorist threats..saying that’s him, Osama Bin Johnson. She tells him no one believes that. She’s going to hold him to admitting himself to the psych ward when he gets out of there. He tells her after he gets out, he wants to go back to the hotel and make love to his beautiful wife and then admit himself. Dr. Beale, the Chief of the Psych Unit at the hospital arrives to have Steve fill out the transfer form. Steve reads, NAME, HEIGHT, PSYCHOSIS and says no. He asks how long it would be for after Kayla begs him to do as he promised. Dr. Beale said not long, two weeks for evaluation, saying the judge made it contingent to his getting out on bail. It could take months to get on the docket if bail is revoked. Steve says both are a straight jacket to him and no one is going to tell him what to do. Dr. Beale offers the paper to Steve, but Kayla wisely takes it and the doctor goes to get himself a cup of coffee to let them talk. Steve says two weeks in a mental ward is 14 days too long. Kayla reminds him how strong he is and how he stayed in quarantine with her risking his own life and didn’t even remember their past and how he risked his life to help Shawn and Belle. She knows the man she loves just needs help. He’d go to the ends of the earth to help anyone, now he has to do it for himself. She made sure he has good security at the hospital, especially from EJ. Steve figures in jail he won’t hurt anyone and she realizes that’s why he wants to stay there. He doesn’t know what triggers these attacks. Kayla gives him the ultimate challenge…if you love me you’ll do this, sign these papers. He counters with if she comes in and makes love with him first. He takes the papers and pen and signs it on the table (?) in his cell. Giving her the signed form, he says he hopes she still thinks he’s sexy in a straightjacket with drool on it. They hug and kiss through the cell door and she goes to take the paper to the Dr., looking back at Steve over her shoulder. Steve tells himself he just doesn’t know.

Sami arrives at Roman’s office and tells him how she should have suspected Kate wouldn’t have turned a leaf and helped her. Surprised that she’s not angrier about it, he wonders if there’s another reason she’s not talking revenge against Kate. He asks her what else happened that night as he thinks there must be more. She denies there was anything else and resents him asking. She recalls what happened about the beam falling and her going to the road to get help. She explains she was upset that her life was going her way finally and she went back to the cabin in a rage and lifted the beam. In that rage she drug Lucas’ body back to the freeway and a trucker took them to the hospital. Roman tells her about Kate’s expert that said she couldn’t have done all she said she did. Sami asks what his opinion is. Did an alien lift the beam off Lucas’ leg. He wonders if the alien in question was EJ Wells. Sami points out that she helped set EJ up as the police had let him slide through their fingers and remember, they hate his guts. Roman points out that according to the tape, Sami couldn’t lift the beam (uh, just tell him you were pregnant and didn’t want to risk hurting the baby by straining any more!) She stands up asking if the interrogation is over and he doesn’t know, asking her for her to tell him if it is. Hurt, she tells him how much it meant to get that Good Samaritan Award from him, to know he was proud of her. He says he is proud of her, it’s just his job to ask questions, but promises not to ask them again. Sami can’t stop crying and tells him Kate knows she’s pregnant and pretended to be thrilled about it. She asks for some water, claiming she’s dehydrating. Roman rushes out for it and she says to herself that if Kate wants her secrets, she wants Kate’s too and starts leafing through Roman’s unlocked file cabinet. She finds something and rushes it to her purse as Roman walks in, asking if she’s looking for something. She wipes her face, looking distraught, saying she was looking for tissues or a napkin on his file cabinet. He points out they’re on his desk and hands her one. He tells her there’s nothing else when asked and she leaves.


Marlena talks to a comatose John (on the respirator) telling him the doctors want to relocate him to a facility that can help his 24 hr. care better. He steps out of his body and watches her telling him how much she misses him. She goes on about how life is going on around them, but she’ll be by his side always. She wants him to wake up and tell her to take him home doc. Conscious John watches painfully and says he’s trying hard to come back to her, he just doesn’t know how to do it. We see and hear him standing there telling her he can hear and feel everything. She tells him she sees him in her dreams and he agrees, her dreams are where they can be together. The doctor walks in to tell her the ambulance is there to transport John and they’ll be up with the gurney soon. Crying, she bends over and kisses him the best she can with the tube in his mouth..and says my love, my dearest love, as we see the standing John sucked back into the one on the bed. His head moves a little after her kiss. He tells her they’ll be together in their dreams and she says she heard him and the machine showed it. She knows it wasn’t an involuntary movement like the doctor claims and cries they haven’t lost him. He explains how the body could simulate movement. Marlena knows different. He says it’s time to transfer her husband and arrangements have all been made. Marlena tells him no, and that’s her final word. She shoos the doctor out of John’s room and returns to John, cradling his head in her arms. She talks to him saying she’s sure the gossip around the hospital is busy about them and her stellar reputation isn’t going to hold now. She knows he’s trying to come back to her and tells him to hurry it up, LOL. We return to her under the blankets in bed with John as he silently says to come to him in her dreams (why does this remind me of Phantom of the Opera?) We see Marlena dreaming that she’s walking around in a sleeveless white gown and hears a door rattling. John tells her it’s him on the other side of the door and to open it and not to be afraid. She goes to open the door as the previews roll…

JOHN to MARLENA: Because this time it’s your fear that will keep you alive.

KATE to LUCAS: Someone else was in that cabin. She had help.

EJ to BILLIE: You think I’m the monster everyone says I am?
BILLIE: If you are, I will find out, and I don’t scare easily.

SAMI to KATE: Wow Kate, what do vows mean to a whore?

as the credits roll...

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