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Friday, March 16, 2007

Episode #10,528
Taped 2/15
Director - Herb Stein

Roman & Kayla search for Steve, as Sami befriends Chelsea, EJ torments everyone he meets in some way, while Billie agrees to help Steve and Celeste tries to warn Sami.

AT THE PENTHOUSE GRILL, Sami & Chelsea are having lunch, along with a heart to heart. Chelsea is pretty down on herself, & Sami knows what that is like, having done her share. She thinks she & Chelsea are alike in a lot of ways, get hurt, react without thinking, more or less shooting themselves in the foot. Assures her tho, that family is something one always has. Sami asks Chelsea to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but Chelsea refuses. EJ stops by, hearing them talking of wedding plans, and asking Sami if she never learns. He goes to his own table nearby. Sami & Chelsea talk some more, and Chelsea agrees to stand up to the wedding. Celeste arrives, evidently sending a note to Sami, who takes off for the ladies room.

An Italian doctor arrives to meet EJ, and report on the progress that Stefano is making. (And EJ makes him fly all the way to Salem for this 3 minute conversation, because he wanted the report in person! That doctor’s time is worth nothing, I guess.) The doctor says Stefano has taken the transplant well, but there may be immune system disorders, and that he now may need a bone marrow transplant. (What, is Stefano to become another Bionic Man?) He asks EJ if there is another family member who might be willing to donate, and EJ says, “Perhaps”. The doctor says they will not know for about 2 weeks if it will be a problem. EJ warns him that Stefano’s life is the most important thing in HIS life, and thus he must have the best care. The doctor leaves.

Celeste has met secretly with Benjy, telling him that EJ is out of control, has taken the madness of the DiMeras too far, way beyond Stefano, with even Alexandra being a victim. It is time to put a stop to it. Benjy looks scared. (Jim Lumsford does a really great job, I must say, with no lines, just reactions!) Celeste mentions EJ’s intense interest in Sami’s unborn child, that it is very noticeable. Benjy signs that Stefano thinks Sami’s baby is a gift from God.

Sami meets Celeste in the Ladies room at the Penthouse Grill, surprised she came there, and telling her that EJ is at a table not 10 ft. from hers. Celeste tells her of her converstion with Benjy, warning her that once her child is born the DiMeras will take it away. Sami says she has a fool proof plan to have EJ think the baby is Lucas’s, no matter what. Celeste replies that EJ will not be fooled by any tricks. She urges Sami to consider doing away with EJ, but Sami is not a killer. She refuses. Celeste pressures her, but Sami says that as much as she hates EJ, she will not murder him. Celeste is insistent that she would be doing a good thing, ridding the world of complete evil. Sami tells her if she feels so strongly, then to do it herself! She leaves, warning Celeste not to let EJ see her.

While Sami is in the Ladies Room, EJ takes the opportunity to sit down with Chelsea, claiming he is worried about Sami. He mentions her fainting yesterday, and is concerned, just as a friend. Chelsea is on her guard. The man is really overly persistent in his questioning, then EJ mentions he thought she was at her mother’s, but Chelsea tells him that is not likely, as they are not speaking. She wants EJ to leave, so he tells her that just for the record, he does not think she set Bo’s house on fire, and that he is a big believer in innocent until proven, with emphasis on the proven, guilty. Just then, Roman & Kayla arrive, surprised to see EJ with Chelsea, but she says he was just leaving. Good, says Roman, as he is the one they want to see.

Earlier, Kayla had been at the hospital, calling everyone she knew to ask if they had seen Steve. Roman arrives. Kayla shows him the list, saying she has called nearly all. Roman notes Billie’s name not on there. Kayla was going to call Billie, but thinks really that EJ has Steve, and goes on and on about it. Roman tells her that Steve is is not the man she has always known, that he is now a stranger, and that stranger is dangerous to himself and to others. Roman decides to call Mythic and find out where EJ might be. Kayla does call Billie, who says she has been sick in bed all day with the flu.

So now Kayla & Roman sit down with EJ, asking about Steve. EJ is surprised, not knowing that Steve escaped. Kayla is not buying it, accuses EJ of the torture, etc. etc. EJ continues to deny knowing anything about Steve, mentioning the thing Steve had with Billie. Roman stops him cold, & Kayla tells him Billie has been in bed all day with the flu. EJ tells them he is tired of the Brady harrassment, and just may get a restraining order for the entire family. Roman tells him to go ahead. EJ says he will put his own feelers out and if he finds Steve, will bring him personally to the station. Roman & Kayla leave. EJ leaves.

Chelsea tells Sami about EJ questioning her, says EJ creeps her out, and wants to know why he is so interested in her. Sami remembers her wedding dress fitting, they are late, and tells Chelsea they have to leave now. We see Celeste walking by and getting onto the elevator. Oops, EJ is on the phone, turns around and spots Celeste just as the elevator door is closing.

ROMAN & KAYLA have returned to the mental hospital, and toss Steve’s room, looking for a clue perhaps as to where he might have gone. The task is fruitless, naturally, and Roman mentions having to call University Hospital. Why, says Kayla. Oh, Roman wants to be sure there are guards around John, so there is no repeat. (John, who is John? Wait a second, I do vaguely recall a character by that name. So, he is still around, huh? And yes, I am being sarcastic) Kayla does not think there would be a repeat of that, but asks Roman if he will call Marlena. She says to “tell her I need her help”.

IN BILLIE’S APT., she is shocked to see Steve. He asks for her help, needing money, clothes, and a car. Knock, Knock at the door. Steve does not want her to answer, but she tells him she had a big fight with Chelsea and it might be her. She opens the door, to find the perennial nosy neighbor, EJ, at the door. (This guy puts Alice Kravitz to shame. From Betwitched). EJ has a meeting at Penthouse Grill, and wants her to meet him afterwards for a bite to eat. Billie tells him Chelsea is there, they are talking. EJ blathers a bit and leaves. An angry Steve wonders how long Billie has been seeing EJ. Billie denies, saying they have a business project they are working on. He asks again about clothes, but she has none, does have spare key to Lucas’s. Nope, Steve is afraid she might call someone from there, or Lucas could return. Now the phone rings. He does not want her to answer, but again she pleads it might be Chelsea. But it is Kayla, asking if she has seen Steve. Billie says no, she has been in bed all day with the flu, & promised to call if she sees him. Steve asks again about some clothes, & Billie finally remembers some old sweats that might work. She comes out with the clothes, and finds him marking a map, and asks what he is doing. Plotting the route he can take out of town. She babbles a bit, and he realizes she is afraid of him, and she admits it. Steve pleads with her, and she agrees to help him, saying she will pack some food for them, and they can be off.
They are all packed and ready to walk out the door. She opens it…..yep, there is that nosy neighbor (EJ) again, wanting to know why she lied about Chelsea being there, as he just saw her at the Penthouse Grill. Freeze frame on Steve’s face behind the door. And the previews show…….

Kayla to Marlena: If I get Steve home safe & sound, is he ever gonna be the same?

EJ: Samantha, have you’ve been a naughty girl again. (Oh, give me a break, this is getting tiresome)

Nick: I love you
Chelsea: No, you don’t get to say that to me anymore

Steve & Billie are in a car.
Steve: Pull over
Billie: No, you’re not leaving me here in the middle of no where
Steve, angrily: I said, Pull over, as he tries to grab the wheel
Billie: No, Steve………and we hear a screech of brakes, with a white light blotting out the scene


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