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Friday, March 2, 2007

Episode # 10,518
Tape Date: 2/2
Air Date: 3/2
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Belle and Shawn talk out their problems and come to an understanding, as Hope deals with one of those problems…. And Bo and Kayla deal with Steve and his anger management problems. Shelle fans want to see this one!

It’s raining on the island as Belle sits with Claire and Shawn hides under a leaf. She tells him not to let a wave hit him on the way out. She refuses to let him back in. She is upset that he expected more from his kiss than she wanted to give. He tries to apologize. He thinks it is still about Willow, which she doesn’t deny. He tells her that Willow didn’t mean anything, but she tells him that his actions say otherwise (moving her in, hiding her, etc.). He admits he screwed up, that all Willow meant to him was just plain sex. She asks how she is supposed to know that what he wants from her isn’t just plain sex. He tells her that is a big difference between the two. She wants to know those differences. He tries to explain
and digs himself deeper as she shakes her head. He ends up surrendering and just apologizing. He still wants in out of the rain. And she still refuses. His stupidity just doesn’t cut it. He continues to dig himself deeper and deeper and she still holds firm. (I am sorry, but this is more comedy than drama…). He finally gets through to her, and she apologizes for throwing Willow at him. Finally, they talk honestly about their feelings and what they want from each other. She finally hears what she wanted to hear. She wants it to be for keeps, and he reassures her that she has all the time in the world to sort it out. When she still refuses to let him in, he starts stripping, getting as far as his underwear before she finally relents. They continue to talk and make promises to let each other know if they don’t think they will work out. They settle in to get some sleep, and Belle tells him he can lay next to her, and then takes his arm to put around her.

Hope walks up outside Willow’s (open) door to hear Jed lighting into Willow for being a hooker to support him. She tries to defend herself, but gives up and sends him on his way back to school. She is lying on the bed near tears when Hope walks in offering to help her. Willow tries to throw her out, but Hope has questions. She wants to know about Phillip and if she found someone to take care of her. Willow is upset over the way the two boys treated her. Hope still wants to help her. Willow asks why Hope changed her mind, and Hope tells her that Maggie was concerned about her. She asks if Willow is certain the baby is Shawn’s, which sets off another tirade about Hope is only concerned about her own reputation if the baby really is Shawn’s and she didn’t help. She is sure that Hope won’t help her if it isn’t, which Hope tries to deny. Hope wants to help her take care of the baby – now. (Sounds like a PSA on prenatal care). Willow, when asked what happened to the money Victor gave her, jokes about spending it on a load of crack, gets herself a shock when Hope attacks her (verbally) about making comments about endangering a child, especially since she’s lost one already. It finally seems to get through to her, as she tells Hope to back off. She finally answers Hope’s question – she gave the money to her brother for school. Hope tries to tell her that she didn’t have a problem with Willow or her past if that was what Shawn wanted. Willow tells her she is full of crap – they just wanted Shawn and Belle together to the point of breaking the law. If they had shown her some respect, maybe Shawn would still be with her. Hope is finally honest with her and lays it all out about her nastiness, immaturity and recklessness. Regardless of who the father is (she still insists emphatically that it is Shawn’s), Hope wants Willow to tell her exactly what it is she needs to do to help make sure that both baby and mother are cared for. Willow shows her what she has – nothing, and tells her to knock herself out. She wants Hope to get her a job, but Hope tells her that she has made her an appointment with an OB-GYN and she and Bo will pay the bills. Then she asks Willow about her eating habits (beef jerky and diet soda for breakfast) and sends her to the hospital for a prenatal class. She will, however, not recommend her for a job, but she does offer her money, which makes her very angry. Hope refuses to let Willow move in with her, in order to protect her baby from Willow’s violent outbursts. Willow wants to know why Hope doesn’t want to be as close as possible to the only remaining piece of a dead Shawn… which Hope refuses to believe he didn’t survive. Hope gives her a cheque for $1000 for food and prenatal vitamins, and then tells her that she can tear it up if she wants. Willow thanks her and then tells her that she hopes Shawn is alive, too. She is sure that Hope knows something she isn’t admitting. After Hope finally leaves, she happily calls someone and tells them she thinks she just found out that Shawn and Belle and Claire are still alive.

Bo finds Kayla at the station to tell her about his talk with the DA over Steve’s case. The judge has agreed that sending him to jail would be a dead end. Kayla is all excited and wants to set up a transfer to University Hospital, but Bo tells her that he is not going to University – he is being sent to the State Hospital – for the criminally insane. A chained Steve is brought in fighting and yelling. He angrily tells Kayla to get a good look because she did this to him. She tries to approach him, but he won’t let her. She says that she tried to help him, but he is upset about being chained up like an animal. Steve is very angry that he is going to get locked up and then forgotten. Bo tells him that the decision was made based on the violence. He rants on and on about what he is going to experience. He is quite insistent on blaming Kayla and Bo for ruining him. He just wanted to run away, but no, they had to help. He tells them what he is expecting, based on what he has already been through. She is insistent that he is going to get help, but he is sure he won’t survive. She begs him not to give up. He wants them to help her escape. Kayla tells him that there is no escape. He gets even angrier and Bo steps in to tell him he needs to deal with his anger issues, and he won’t let Steve hurt Kayla again. Steve tries to call him out, but he stands his ground. Bo tries to knock some sense into him. He finally calms down as she pours her heart out, and he throws it back telling her that he is going to die there, and she did it to him. Bo tells the cops to prepare him for transport, but Steve gets loose and rushes Bo, butting heads with him as hard as he can, before he is restrained again. He laughs about it. Bo tries to get through to him, but he makes wise-ass comments about the two of them. He claims that the old Steve is gone and they are both dead to him now. Kayla tells him that she will try to get him transferred to University so that they can be closer and she can help him. She promises to stand by him and love him, no matter how hateful or awful he gets. Bo comforts her as Steve is led away.

Bo and Kayla discuss the situation and Bo wants Kayla to take care of herself. They are both worried, but neither is going to abandon him. She hugs him as the previews roll…

Phillip to Willow: I want proof that Shawn, Belle and Claire are alive. Until you have something concrete, stay out of my face.

EJ to Sami (on the phone): Why don’t you tell me, now?
Sami (with Roman walking up behind her): If you call me again, or ask me any more questions, I swear to God I’ll kill you!

Jed to Max: Do you know how lucky you are, man, to have a girl like Abby fall in love with you?

Belle (holding Claire) to Shawn: You need to get her off this island now, or she will die!

And then the credits….


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