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Friday, March 23, 2007

Episode #10,533
Director - Jim Baffico

Kayla argues with Steve during her visit, Shawn argues with Belle on the island, EJ accosts and argues with several people, while Sami has to cover up once again.

ON TINDA LAO, Shawn is upset with Belle for telling Gabby their private business. She tries to explain away the reason for the twin beds, but she sounds as lame as the viewer sees it as well. Shawn gets that she does not want to sleep with him, but he does not need the entire island knowing this. They go back and forth (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) as she brings up that they had those purity rings and promised to wait until they married, and then both married other people. She brings up the terrible names he called her when she was first with Philip, even tho he was not in right mind, and then that he was first with Jan, then Mimi, and then Willow. She does not want to be another notch on the bedpost, and suggests he might want someone quick and easy. Gabby brings some extra pillowcases and blankets, and Belle thanks her. Back to the argument, and Shawn takes a pillow and blanket to go sleep on the beach.

IN STEVE’S ROOM, Dr. Kraft is trying to get him to take his meds. Steve is reluctant, but Dr. Kraft reminds him he can go back into the restraints. He is still resisting, when she mentions his wife is outside. Steve takes his pills, and Dr. Kraft lets Kayla in, and then leaves. Steve apologizes for what he did to her, saying he just wanted to get away from everyone, so he would not hurt anyone. He begs her not to tell Stefanie where he is now, but Kayla will not promise that. She loves him, but he used that love to manipulate her. He pleads his case, and they kiss. He zones out on his meds, and comes back. Kayla wants to know why he won’t name the person who forced him to steal John and take his kidney. She knows it was EJ, and wants him to testify to that. Steve gets angry and refuses. They argue, with Kayla saying she will go after EJ herself. Steve warns her to stay away from EJ, as she leaves. He yells thru the door to stay away from EJ. He will kill you. He will kill Stephanie.

AT CHEZ ROUGE, Nick is having a beer at the bar, when Willow comes up to him, wanting to know if his Uncle Mickey has worked on her subsidized housing. Nick tells her it has only been a couple of hours, and to be patient. She worries as she is being evicted. Up comes EJ (Does this guy have a GPS system on every person in Salem?) who asks if there is a problem. Nope, as Willow takes off. Now EJ sort of introduces himself to Nick, and promptly asks if Sami is having her amnio work done in his lab. Nick says he cannot help him, but EJ is insistent. Celeste arrives, greeted by Maggie, and spots Nick & EJ, overhearing a bit of their conversation. Now EJ insists Nick have a drink with him, then tries to bribe Nick with talk of a jazzy sports car. Nick smiles, telling him to add a penthouse apt. with perhaps a circular bed and mirrors on the ceilings. He tells EJ, that no means NO. (You, go, Nick!) Celeste hears this interchange. EJ finally leaves, promising Nick that they will undoubtedly meet again. Maggie comes up to Nick, saying she did not know Nick knew EJ. Nick lets her know he didn’t, and that EJ wanted to know if Sami’s test results were being done at his hospital. Maggie wonders what business that is of EJ’s (yeah, so do we, who the heck does EJ think he is, demanding complete strangers divulge info to him?).

LUCAS IS STRUGGLING with some work, when Sami comes out of the bedroom, saying that both Will and Chelsea were asleep. They begin to make out and decide to take it to the bedroom, just in case the kids wake up and come out. As Lucas clears the mess up at the desk, he comes across the blank lab report, wondering what this is. Sami claims she must have picked it up accidentally when she was fillingout insurance papers at the doctor’s office. Lucas crumples it up, and throws it in the waste basket. They begin to kiss and head towards the bedroom, when Sami suddenly remembers she has to take her pre-natal vitamins (at night??). Then she wants to lock up, and take out the trash. Lucas gives her a bit of a hard time, but she talks of hormones and nesting…and stuff that makes no sense. LOL. Now Lucas mentions some job that EJ has him working on. Sami gets upset that he even brought up EJ’s name, but Lucas says this has to do with internet weddings. He asks for Sami’s help with it, since she knows so much about weddings… it is not a knock, but a compliment. She has a good business head, so he wants her to help him out, and go with him to meet with this web site designer. She agrees, and then goes out with the small little bag of trash. (Mine should be so light and small, lol). Lucas takes the opportunity to call Kate, telling her that Sami will be going with him to meet the web site guy, and so the apt. will be empty, so she can do her thing in re: the surprise Bridal shower.

Out in the hall, Sami is rummaging thru the paper trash, when who comes along? Yep, it is Mr. Nosy Parker himself. He comments that a beautiful woman like Sami should not have to be taking out the trash. They banter back & forth, and he starts in on how it has been a week since the amnio, and where are the results, yada, yada. He makes his usual threats, Sami puts him off, telling him she will make a recording for him, saying he will know when she does, so he won’t have to keep asking. Lucas comes out, wondering what is going on. EJ claims he was just saying good-night to Sami, and goes into his apt. Lucas goes back inside, and Sami rummages a bit more, and finds the paper. (So it is all crumpled up. How is she supposed to use it now?). She heads for the incinerator, as sly EJ opens his door and looks out at her retreating back.

Willow arrives, knocking on EJ’s door. He nearly closes it in her face, telling her that no soliciting allowed in the building. LOL. She is frantic, saying how she is pregnant, being evicted, and did everything he wanted. She broke into Bo’s house, stole the jewelry, and why can he not pay her. EJ makes his smarmy excuses, and Willow holds up the jewelry, asking him to buy it, that she has been to every pawn shop in town, and no one will touch it. She promises to get out of town and he will never see her again. He invites her in, she says no. He clicks his tongue as he tells her that if he wanted her dead, she would be already. He goes back into the apt., returning with a card. It is the name of a gentleman who deals in “pre-owned collectibles”. You mean a fence, says Willow. EJ tells her that if she ever comes there again, she will not have to worry about a place to live for herself and her baby. She says she gets it, and leaves.

In Sami’s apt. she & Lucas talk about EJ, with Sami intimating that EJ still has a thing for her, but once the baby is born, he will get it, and leave them alone. Lucas wonders why he has not moved yet. Lucas goes into the bedroom, as Sami gets ready to follow. Her cell rings, and it is Celeste, trying to warn her, but Sami cuts her off, telling her to leave her alone, and she hangs up. Now Sami smoothes out the crumpled blank lab report, folds it, and hides it in a drawer, telling herself this had better work. She heads towards the bedroom, stops, and turns around, with a pensive look on her face. And the previews show…..

Shawn, who is holding Claire: I was actually thinking I’d like to come upstairs to sleep, if that’s o.k. with you
Belle: Of course it is.

Chelsea, as Hope looks on: Hope just told me she believes me about the fire.
Billie: We’re really gonna need your support. I just got off the phone with Bo. He’s on his way over. Official police business.

Celeste to Sami, outside her apt. door: Do you hear what I’m saying to you, girl? That bastard from hell deserves to die. The door is opened by an angry looking EJ, as a chorus of female voices behind him yell “SURPRISE!”


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