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Friday, March 9, 2007

Episode #10,523
Taped 2/8/07
Director - Phil Sogard

Chelsea learns the truth, Celeste shocks Sami with her solution, Max complains to Abby about his shortcomings, Kayla confronts EJ, while a stubborn Steve has an ulterior motive for cooperating with his doctor.

Billie is at the garage, frantically trying to reach Chelsea (instead of going home, where she knows Chelsea is) who is not picking up her phone. Abby comes in, and Billie complains to her. Abby tells her Nick never told her about their one night stand, she guessed. Billie rushes off, and in comes Max. She asks if he has talked to Mimi, but no, only Connor, who said Mimi does nothing but sit around her apt. all day, is very morose, etc. (wonder how Mimi has money for an apt. if she does just that?) He is beating himself up over not being more supportive of Mimi, and then goes on how he bails on gals once they begin to get serious or rely on him too much, citing Stephanie and Chelsea as examples. Abby is, of course, very supportive, making Max feel better, and he ask her to help him take something out of the engine, which means holding the lamp. They both smile at each other a lot.

Kayla barges into EJ’s office, asking what he has done to her husband. EJ denies he has done anything, and as she accuses, he just tapdances around the truth, in the smarmy manner he has. She tells him that John Black took care of him as a baby, loved him, and how could he shoot him. EJ denies. She talks of the brainwashing and torture that Steve has endured. EJ denies. She talks of the kidney removal he forced Steve to arrange, and he denies again. He tells Kayla she has been spending too much time around her husband, and the delusions must be contagious. She promises to find out just what that kidney was supposed to be used for, and EJ warns her that “accidents happen to people with the very best of intentions”.

Chelsea is napping on the sofa, as Nick knocks on the door. He comes in, and Nick nervously says he has something to tell her. He is hesitant, but brings up how he said he was not a virgin. Chelsea breaks in, as most Days characters do, with her own version of what he wants to say….that it wasn’t true, and he still IS a virgin, which he denies. He tells there there was a woman…..and it was a WOMAN. So Chelsea now babbles that she gets it, was older……and oohhh, my, Nick, you slept with a married woman. One who has a husband. No, says the bumbling Nick, as he tries to get it out, but Chelsea says it does not matter. That both of them, together, are all that matters, that they will not ever bring it up again, etc. etc. They go into a big hug, as Billie bursts in, sees the hug, and blurts out “Nick, did you tell her”. Chelsea is confused, then flashes back to a scene at the house when she came down, finding Nick with Billie, and asked what he was doing back there. She has the proverbial light bulb moment, realizing it was her mom with whom Nick slept. She is horrified, angry, upset, slaps Nick across the face, and buries her face in her hands as Billie claims she can explain.

Steve is struggling to free himself from the straight jacket, as Dr. Ella Kraft comes in with an orderly. She has the orderly wait outside, and as she makes a few comments to Steve, or asks questions, he gives his smart mouth answers, getting him no where. He insists he is sane. She asks why he kidnapped John Black, and had his kidney removed. Steve doesn’t know. They talk, as she explains she is his only way out of there, and she has to tell the judge various facts etc. Steve is much calmer now. She gets a call on her cell, which Steve eyes. He wants out of the jacket, and she says, only if medicated. He says no, she says it will be a mild one, and he then agrees. She has to put it in his mouth and also give him the water from a bottle. (Really was handy that it was there in the room, when she only came in with a clipboard chart. LOL) She calls the orderly to remove the jacket, he does and leaves. Now Steve acts sort of dizzy and falls against her. She helps him to lay on the bed, and the orderly comes back in. All is well says the doc. Steve says it was probably the medication she gave him, she tells him to rest, and they leave. Steve pulls her phone from his pocket, and immediately calls EJ. (amazing he has EJ’s cell phone number committed to memory) EJ answers, and Steve says “I’m in hell. You gotta get me out of here. EJ breaks into a very nasty grin.

At the church, Sami wonders how Celeste knew Sami was there. Ah, the cards told her, she says. She talks of coming anyway, even after what Sami did to her daughter, and also talks of Lexie & Tek being gone. Sami wants to know what the cards say about her. Celeste tells her that EJ wants her child, and intends to have it. She then goes on as to how the DiMeras have to continue the line, the legacy, and that Stefano had an obsession for her mother, and now EJ has “chosen” her. Sami asks why EJ would choose her to have his “Bad Seed”, & tells her how EJ gave her 48 hrs. to have an amnio, or he will tell Lucas everything. Celeste reminds her of the interest Tony took in her at one time, and what did she think he wanted. He always wanted an heir, a son to carry on the DiMera name, and she was the one to provide it. Sami asks how she saved Lexie, how she kept Lexie from Stefano’s clutches. Ah, Lexie was a woman, and tho Stefano loved his children, he needs a male heir. He took EJ from his mother, and groomed him. And now EJ has chosen Sami to have his child. Sami talks of getting test results changed if it turned out the baby was his. Celeste knows EJ would see right through that ploy. She warns Sami that even if the child is Lucas’s or is a girl, that EJ will not stop, that it will happen again. Sami realizes that and says that is why she wanted Lucas to pick up stakes and move away. Celeste tells her that would never stop EJ. Sami panics, wanting to know what she can possibly do. Celeste tells her EJ will never stop, he chose Sami, and there is only one thing she can do to keep EJ away from her, and that is to kill him. And the previews show:

Chelsea: What mother would do this to her own daughter
Billie: I made a mistake
Chelsea: You’re nothing to me

EJ: Unless you can handle your own wife, I need to take some medicine to my own house
Steve: If you touch one hair on her head, I will kill you

Celeste to Sami: In the name of my daughter, we are going to rid the world of Stefano’s heir.


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