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Monday, March 12, 2007

Episode #10,524
Taped 2/12/07
Director - James Baffico

Celeste urges Sami to eliminate EJ, Max invites Abby to dinner, EJ visits Steve, while Chelsea has a meltdown after learning about her mom & Nick.

At the mental hospital, the orderly brings Steve to a visitors’ room, telling him to remember “no contact” and to behave. In comes EJ, saying he was surprised to get the call. Steve wants out, but EJ is annoyed that Steve was on his way out of town, when his wife had him committed. Steve denies, saying he was ditching Kayla in order to be more available to EJ, that she was asking too many questions. EJ retorts that Kayla came to his office accusing him of having EJ kidnap John and harvest his kidney. Steve assures him he never told Kayla, she was only speculating. EJ says if Steve cannot control his wife, he will. Steve gets angry, and the orderly restrains him, but EJ says all is o.k. Steve tells him he will kill him if he touches a hair of Kayla’s head. EJ says he wants only one thing, for Steve to stop fighting him. Is that all, sure enough, agreed. EJ tells him he will see what he can do about getting him out, and to be patient, then leaves.
Now we see Dr. Kraft confronting Steve about her stolen phone, and Steve denies. The orderly pats him down, finds the phone, and Steve apologizes, saying it won’t happen again. Dr. Kraft assures him it won’t, tells the orderly to take Steve back to his room and put the strait jacket back on him. Steve protests to no avail.

At the garage, Max thanks Abby for all her help, and then invites her out for a bite to eat. They decide on the Penthouse Grill, and she looks up the number to reserve a table, as he goes to wash up. She circles the ad in the yellow pages, happy to be going out with Max. Meanwhile, at the Penthouse Grill, Willow is having dinner with her brother, urging him to leave the campus dorm, move in with her, so they can save money. He wants to know where she got that big check, and why. (Gee, EJ signed it, didn’t he? Is there not a name at the top of the check?) She says it is for just an errand, then asks him to slip it under her mattress so she can deposit it tomorrow, assuring him that if he says he is her brother coming to pick something up for her, he can get a pass. He agrees and puts the check in his pocket. Willow spots Max & Abby coming in, so Jed goes over to say hi. Max invites him and Willow to join them, much to Abby’s dismay. She interjects, and Jed takes the hint. Max and Abby talk a bit about whether this is a date, yada, yada, lots of small talk.
Abby spots her Aunt Maggie coming in, and gets nervous. Now she goes over to Jed’s table, apologizing for how she acted earlier and inviting him & Willow to join them. Willow declines, saying she has to leave, and Abby brings Jed to her table, seating him next to her. When Maggie spots them, she assumes Abby is with Jed, lol, comes over to say Hi, then leaves, telling Jed to be good to her niece.
Dinner arrives, and they just begin to eat, with Maggie sitting at another table, watching them. LOL. When Chelsea comes in, Abby gets up to talk to her.

Earlier, Nick, Billie & Chelsea, at the apt., are all arguing, accusing, explaining, with Chelsea totally upset and refusing to listen to anyone. Billie tries to take blame, telling Chelsea how she was upset over Steve’s letter, and drank an entire bottle of wine. She mentions how Chelsea called and told her to get rid of Nick, and how he came over, saw her condition and listened to her. Everything was her fault, but Chelsea does not want to hear anything. She is crying and leaves the room. Nick knows Billie was right about how Chelsea would react, and tells Billie he was about to tell Chelsea everything, when he realized that, and stopped. Billie claims when she saw them, she just assumed he had told her. It is too late. Out comes Chelsea with a packed suitcase (sure is a small one!) and she is leaving. Billie begs her to stay, but Chelsea tells her it was a mistake to ever think she could take the place of her real mother. Billie, shocked, says she IS her real mother, but Chelsea says, “you are nothing to me”, goodbye Billie. She leaves.
Later, Nick has called Abby, to tell her briefly what happened, whileBillie is leaving a message on Chelsea’s cell, and both she and Nick claim they have called everyone they know and have no idea where she went. Billie doesn’t think Chelsea went to Bo, but knows she has to tell him, and cannot do that over the phone. Nick tells her to then call him and meet him somewhere to tell in person. Meanwhile, Chelsea has gone to the garage to look for Abby, and finds no one there. (Do they not ever lock the doors to that place?) She spots the phone book with the circled ad for the Penthouse Grill, and heads over there.

Chelsea & Abby go into the Ladies Room where a crying Chelsea tells Abby all about her woes, and says she is leaving town. Abby tries to talk her out of it, telling her to go talk to her dad, but Chelsea says her dad hates her. And now we see Willow is a stall, (with a door to the floor so one can’t see her feet) listening to every word. Chelsea mentions what a mess she looks, and does a bit of a repair job. She tells Abby she will keep in touch with her best friend and they both leave. Out comes Willow, who spots a hairbrush on the sink, picks it up, as we can see plans forming on her face.

At the church, Celeste continues to urge Sami to kill EJ, as it will be the only way to stop him. Sami cannot think of killing a man in cold blood, but Celeste says he is not a man, he is Satan, and will destroy her. Celeste tries to convince Sami that EJ has murdered Lexie, but Sami says Lexie might have just gone off with Tek. Nope, says Celeste, she would never abandon Theo. Celeste warns her that even if the baby is Lucas’s that will not be the end, that EJ has chosen her, wants HER, and will not rest until she has given him his son. Celeste promises to help, saying they are in this together, and having been Stefano’s mistress, she knows how these things are done. She reminds Sami that she has to change the power situation, that EJ wants HER, and she should use that to gain power over him. Get him to go to some secluded, out of the way place, and no one will ever know. Sami still protests, and says no.
Later, Sami bursts into EJ’s office, telling him, o.k. she will do it, she will get the amnio, but wants something in return. What if the baby is Lucas’s? EJ says he would not ever bother her again, but if it is his, then they are bonded together forever.

We see Sami calling someone, saying she has to see them, it is urgent.
Chelsea calls Bo, leaving a message that she knows he is mad at her, but she has to talk to him and is coming over right now. She gets into the elevator……and we see Willow, who has heard every word, smiling the Cheshire cat smile. Freeze Frame, and the previews show:

Sami to an astonished Nick: I’m desperate. I need test results that show the baby I’m carrying is Lucas’s. That’s not too tough, right?

Bo to Billie: You did NOT sleep with Nick Fallon, did you?

Chelsea: Good-bye, Salem. Good-bye, Dad. (she appears to be on a bus or plane seat)

Willow, at Bo’s house: Oh, No, no!!! As she looks in horror at flames engulfing curtains on a window, and we hear Hope’s voice from upstairs saying, “Bo, Hello, is someone there?”


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