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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Episode #: 10, 522
Tape date: 2/7
Air date: 3/8
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Nick wants to tell Chelsea the truth, but no one agrees with him. Willow finds a job, that she didn’t really want. Sami almost tells Lucas everything.

Sorry this is so late, it wasn’t intentional!

Nick rushes into the garage looking for Abby. Apparently he had called ahead and told her he had news. Aunt Maggie needs help in five minutes, so he needs to make it quick. He asks her what he wanted most in the world, after a ride on the space shuttle. Abby is very disbelieving, but he goes on about how life-changing it was. She wants details, so he gives her a condensed version (complete with science lesson). Abby is very cynical, thinking that Chelsea is playing him in revenge for hurting her. Apparently, Chelsea holds grudges. Nick tries to defend her, but Abby seems very nasty about it. He tells her that Chelsea is going to be able to trust him, and he is going to tell her everything, including sleeping with her mom. She tells him not to tell her, she will hate him forever. Nick refuses to lie to her, or not tell her. He is certain it is a bomb waiting to explode. He wants to tell her before she finds out from someone else. Abby still wants him to keep quiet. She is mad that he will ruin Chelsea’s relationship with her mom over a crush. She walks out on him, leaving him bewildered (and me, too, this doesn’t seem like our Abby).

Abby gets to Chez Rouge and Maggie puts her to work folding napkins. She talks about a jerk who doesn’t care about breaking hearts, so Maggie assumes it is Max and starts questioning. Abby tells her it is Nick she is mad at. He is going to ruin two people’s lives. Maggie tries to give her advice, but without knowing the situation, she can’t do much. Can’t Abby or someone else stop him? Abby promises to come back and fold every napkin, but she has to go. Maggie, by herself, wonders how she can be such a genius if she can’t even make Abby see that Max Brady is bad news.

Nick rushes in looking for Abby. He won’t give Maggie details, so Maggie tells him to think seriously about Abby’s advice. Nick is back at the garage thinking of his predicament. He calls Chelsea and tells her that he has something he really needs to talk to her about.

Billie finds Nick before he leaves, and orders him not to tell Chelsea. She is not going to let him destroy the relationship between the two of them. Nick is sure that everyone is underestimating Chelsea. He is sure that she will be angry and it will pass. Billie is sure that she is the one who is going to pay, not him. She does not want Chelsea to pay for her mistake. He still insists that he needs to do it. When he leaves, she calls Chelsea and leaves her a message to call as soon as possible.

Willow approaches EJ to ask him for a job. He tells her that Shawn was disloyal and a bad employee, why should he give a job to his girlfriend? She tells him that she isn’t his girlfriend, but is pregnant with his child. She will be homeless when she starts to show and has no prospects for income. She tells him that Hope gave her money for the doctor, but it wasn’t enough, she needs more. Billie comes in, so he excuses himself and tells her to wait.

At Java Café, EJ brings Billie a coffee and they discuss her business proposal. She tells him that Bo loved her system, but didn’t trust EJ. He was all set to go with it until he found out that Mythic was the backer. Both are worried about the Board of Directors and their reaction. Billie offers to ask Roman, but EJ is sure that he will have the same reaction as Bo. EJ claims that if he was half as evil and powerful as Bo thinks, he would want Century Cell to protect his home from him. Billie jokingly asks if he has a bogeyman on his payroll to break in and scare Bo into using the system. EJ thoughtfully looks at Willow sitting across the room. He jokingly returns that they have a bad guy shortage. She still thinks that a small burglary will change his mind. Willow interrupts that she has to leave soon, so EJ tells her he will be right with her. He tells Billie that she is penniless and he is trying to help her.

EJ takes Willow outside to tell her about a job he does have for her. EJ changes his mind about helping Willow, as Shawn will come back and take care of both of them. She claims that he definitely isn’t coming back, as the last time she saw him, he was jumping off a cruise ship about a thousand miles from Australia (this guy certainly gets his information and his dirty work done the easy way, doesn’t he?) His family presumes him dead, but she isn’t buying. EJ offers her one day’s employment, that pays well. He makes her turn around and bend over, so he can write a check on her back. He shows her the check, which surprises her. It is two years’ salary for less than a day’s work. He wants her to break into somebody’s house. She doesn’t want to do it. He wants her to break into Bo’s house and steal Hope’s jewellery. He leaves her when she still refuses to do it.

A phone rings in a dark office, and a lady answers as the Director of the YWCA. EJ wants to know the policy on children. When she tells him that children aren’t allowed, he tells her about Willow being pregnant and then hangs up.

EJ goes back to Billie, who was talking to a university student about making a Power Point presentation to show the Board of Directors.

Willow catches Abby going into the Java Café (looking for Billie), and asks her to get her job back with Maggie. Abby refuses to help since she hurt her family so badly. Willow tells her she is Abby’s family, she is having Shawn’s baby. She claims to have had an amnio done to prove it is his. She tells Abby how hurt she was that he was so preoccupied with Belle and Claire that he didn’t care about her. She claims that she hurt him because she loved him and he hurt her, and she was raised to hurt back when hurt. Abby is still mad at her, and tells her not to bother her Aunt Maggie.

Abby goes in to see Billie, and Willow’s phone rings. The Director that EJ talked to is calling. The Director doesn’t want to tell her over the phone, but Willow insists she tell her now. She cries as the Director tells her that she was informed of the pregnancy, and that they aren’t set up to handle babies.

Abby has told Billie about Nick’s plans, and Billie leaves to get to him first and stop him. She rushes out, thanking Abby for telling her.

Willow confronts EJ on calling the Y. He asks her if she wants the job or not, he doesn’t want to hear her whine. He doesn’t care what she does with the jewellery, he is making a point to Bo. He warns her not to tell anyone about it.

Lucas wants to know what happened to Sami, as she was fine when he left. She didn’t change her mind about marrying Lucas, but that isn’t it. She just wants to protect their family. He wants to know why she is so scared, and she breaks into tears. He keeps asking, and she keeps shaking and denying it. She wants to go, but he makes her sit down to discuss what she is asking. He wants to know who is threatening her – EJ Wells? She promises to tell him everything after they are on the road. He is sure that EJ is bothering her as she changes every time he is around. He is convinced that something happened while he was out and she is lying to him. He has had it. She tells him she loves him, and he wants her to be honest about why she is so scared. He will do whatever she wants, as long as he knows why. She can’t tell, so he can’t marry her. He is sick of the lies and secrets that hurt so much. She denies that she is lying and hiding things. She thinks that he is seeing her past mistakes every time he looks at her. She is tired of everyone expecting her to screw up, including him. She breaks into fresh tears, telling him that she can’t continue living this lie. He wants to know, but she can’t tell him, because he will hate her. Every time she screws up, he takes back his love and she can’t live with that. It is her fault, not his, as she keeps screwing up. She tells him that she is still her, she hasn’t changed. She wants him to accept her, but she can’t bare her soul. She is tired of being tested. She wants him to trust her, but he feels that he is the one not being trusted. She is so afraid that he will walk away, and he promises not to. He wants her to give him a chance to prove it. She admits to being scared, and gets as far as telling him that EJ was there while Lucas was gone. She starts to tell him, just as Celeste walks in, interrupting. She wants to light a candle for Lexie and Tek. Lucas says they can finish their conversation at home, but she wants to stay and light a candle. He tries to get her to finish their conversation, but she covers up that he wanted to be invited to the wedding and it was too much for her. She blames the extreme reaction on her pregnancy. He offers a chick flick and a pound of chocolate to combat the hormones.

Sami goes over to Celeste to ask for help. Celeste knows, that is why she came.


EJ (to Kayla): …and I would be careful, because accidents can happen to people with the best of intentions.

Nurse (to Steve): I will let you out of the straight-jacket on one condition: you have to be medicated.
Steve: No freakin’ way.

Nick (to Chelsea): I couldn’t have said it any better.
Billie (rushing in): Nick, you didn’t?

Celeste: Darling, your only solution is to get rid of him once and for all.
Sami: and how am I supposed to do that?
Celeste: You kill him.



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