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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Summary: Billie pitches her idea to EJ, Nick tries to help Chelsea with calculus, Belle and Shawn try to find a way off the island to help Claire, but the award of the day goes to Sami and Lucas, who have a great emotional conversation at St. Luke's. I am not sure anything got solved, but it is a great show for these two.

At St. Luke's, Sami and Lucas are rehearsing their wedding with the new priest, Father Kelly, who tells them that Father Jansen insisted on a traditional ceremony right down to the letter, just for Sami. He goes on to tell them that at the next session (next week) they will go over the Act of Contrition as Father Jansen is now requiring full confession from all brides and grooms, and Sami gets upset and refuses. She watches as the unity candle they just lit goes out. Both Lucas and the priest try to calm her and reassure her. The priest would understand if she wanted to confess to Father Jansen instead, but reassures her that he has heard it all. As he leaves them to think about it, Lucas asks what is next on the ‘to-do’ list, the bagpipes? She continues to be upset and tells him that she doesn’t care about the bagpipes or anything else. (She had wanted them to honour her grandfather, and doesn’t even care about losing the deposit on them). Lucas wants to know what is wrong. He wants to know if she wants to call it off, but no. She tells him that it is the setting. She has tried to get married there so many times, but she doesn’t deserve to be happy. He offers to do anything to make her happy. She wants him to take her anywhere else to get married. He doesn’t want to. He thinks she is feeling guilty about something, as she started “wigging out” when the priest brought up the confession. He wants to know what she isn’t telling. He knows her dream is to get married at church. He thinks she should do it, regardless of what happened in the past. He wants her to trust him and be honest. She wants to tell him, it is killing her (which he can see). She insists that she can’t do it – she can’t marry him or anybody, and tries to flee. He refuses to let her leave (the church or him). She wants to leave him because he deserves better than her. He takes all the blame for her feelings. He is sorry for how badly he treated her. She wants to know how he can still want her after all the bad things she has done. He tells her that he has also seen the good things, and they blow all the other stuff out of the water. He tells her that she doesn’t have to tell him if she doesn’t want to, but they are still going to get married in the church, the way she wanted to. He tells her that they are both better people and they will be okay. He has finally convinced her, but there is one thing she wants him to do for her first. She wants him to invite Kate to wedding. In a big switch, she has to convince him to invite her, as he doesn’t want anyone there who is not there to support them. She finally convinces him, and he leaves to go talk to her (alone). Sami stays behind to talk to God by herself. She knows she is supposed to wait until next week to talk to Father Kelly, but she knows that is talking to God that is important. She confesses about her lying, but it is different this time as she is lying to protect someone, other than herself. She saved Lucas, and she would do it again, no matter she hates EJ and herself for what happened. She is looking forward to her new life with Lucas. However, he can’t ever know what happened, and don’t let EJ be the baby’s father. EJ overheard and is extremely happy. He tells her that even God can’t unravel DNA. She should keep praying, it might even work out for her.

Billie goes to see EJ, on business. She wants to show him her home security system and the proposals for it. He tells her that it will take more than a power suit to succeed, and to go ahead with her presentation. She pitches her security system, which seems just like every other security system, except it is controlled from a cell phone. It has video capabilities and remote functionality from anywhere. EJ is extremely impressed, thinking it is perfect. He even goes as far as kissing her, which she demands answers for. She is upset over his reaction, but he tells her that he has never seen anything so impressive. He believes she is sitting on a gold mine. He wants to seal the partnership, but she has a condition – she doesn’t want him to use her system for any of his hidden agendas. He is also not to kiss her again. They discuss reputations. Billie feels that she would be better off taking her idea elsewhere. He tells her to wait, he hasn’t been forthcoming. He admits that she called his bluff and he is doubly impressed. He gives her a cheque as an advance/retainer to show his serious intentions. He tells her to get a lawyer and fight hard. He is going to give her a great offer, but she still has to go through the board of directors. He wants her to get some testimonials from actual users. He goes as far as to suggest someone trustworthy that the board can believe, like a real estate agent. Billie suggests law enforcement, which he thinks is perfect (I can see where this is going…. Think about EJ’s conversation with Sami yesterday….) Billie offers to get Bo’s help, but EJ wishes her luck on that since Bo doesn’t trust him… which leads her to admit that she doesn’t either. Someone comes to the door with news about the “patient,” and Billie hears and wants to know what patient. EJ covers up, telling her it is a colleague in Europe who has a heart condition and no family. She leaves to go get Bo’s help, and he gets the update from the visitor. Stefano has gone home to Italy, and his will is strong, but the body is weak. They discuss future options, including stem cell research. EJ sends a gift home to his father – the gun that started the first World War. He thinks it is a fitting gift seeing as how he is about to finish the war his father started.

Meanwhile, Billie gives her programmer some final instructions on some tweaks she wants done to the program to make it flawless. She calls Bo and wants to know if she can talk to him about something. No, it isn’t about Chelsea, who is doing fine, but about business.

Chelsea has snacks for her tutoring session. Nick tells her it isn’t a party, but a math lesson. They banter back and forth over calculus (complete with awful puns). Nick comments that math isn’t as fun as carrying cash over the border to Belle and Shawn, which sobers her up quite quickly as she wonders what happened to them. Nick is sure that they are fine and happy. Nick can’t understand why she can’t get the simplest equations. She tells him that he gets it, but not everyone has a brain like his. She is more about creativity than disciplined math. He tries everything, including singing it to her. (This is dumb, but hilarious!) She finally finishes up, but some of her answers are wrong. Nick tries to convince her that she isn’t stupid – after she tosses out the idea of dropping calculus and picking up something she can pass, like Breathing 101 (lol!). She closes her book and wants to do some other kind of equations and problem-solving. He tries to get back to the calculus, but she doesn’t want to. She tells him that he is starting to nag like her mother did. She tries to comment on her mother’s boyfriend not being around since New Year’s, which makes him uncomfortable. He keeps trying to tell her that she isn’t stupid, and gets her to admit that she wants to study history and do historical things. They get close, as they end up kissing.

Meanwhile, on the island, Belle is still panicking over Claire. Shawn tries to calm her down, and promises to get them off the island, tonight. She wants to know where the boat is. He promises to build them one. She knows he is trying to keep her from freaking out. She trusts him, but needs answers on how he is going to build a boat before the coming storm hits. They have no idea where to go, but are planning to head for another island. She thinks they are crazy for getting on the sorry excuse for a raft in the middle of a storm. He tells her she is right, but they have to try and take the risk that they could succeed or fail, or they will lose Claire for sure. She calms down and wants to know what she can do to help. Shawn is certain that they can make it. Belle picks up some confidence from him and they are ready to go. Belle has gone to find food, so Shawn calms Claire down with a story (which Belle overhears). He promises her a real home after everything is done. (This is really cute – Claire even throws in her two cents, which Shawn reacts to – you would almost swear it was scripted.) Belle gives him some food wrapped in a blanket and Shawn wants to get going. Belle needs him to hear her apologize for being so mean to him. She is grateful for all he has done to help her keep Claire from Phillip and Victor.

Freeze frame and fade out is on Sami, as we are off to the previews:

Lucas to Kate: Sami wanted me to give you this. It’s an invitation to our wedding… Now who looks surprised?

Nick to Chelsea: If you want to hit, go ahead, give me your best shot, because I deserve it. (She eagerly hits him with a big kiss instead!)

Billie to Bo (at his house): No hard feelings, ok?
Bo: It’s not hard feelings. I’m worried about your life.

EJ to Sami: I’m not asking you…. I am going to take my child, whether you like it or not.

Off to the credits.

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