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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Episode # 10,526
Tape date - 3/13
Director - Herb Stein

It is finder’s day, as Chelsea is located by her friends, Philip is found by Kate, while Shawn & Belle find help for Claire.

Outside the Brady house, Hope is talking to Bo & Billie about the fire.She mentions the door being jimmied open, and Billie wonders if Chelsea could have started the fire. Hope is surprised, and Bo just beats around the bush at first, but Billie finally tells of Chelsea finding out about her one night stand with Nick. Cue a shocked Hope. Billie goes on about being dumped and drinking the bottle of wine, Nick coming over, etc. They go to Billie’s apt. but Chelsea is not there either. Bo gets a phone call from Abby.

Kate comes into St. Luke’s, and is greeted by the priest. She knows she has not been there for a while, but is doing a reading for the wedding Mass (HUH? Boy, Sami really has done a turnaround to have her doing that!) and she wants to practice. (Just an aside, but I do readings for Mass, and certainly do not need 6 weeks lead time to practice! ) The priest tells her that God had another purpose for sending her tonight, and points out Philip, who is kneeling at the altar rail. She joins him, and learns Philip is praying for Claire. He is tormented, thinking she might still be alive, and out there, lost. Kate now has a heart to heart talk with her son. He mentions how Victor wanted him to be ruthless in his quest to gain custody of Claire, and he constantly called him, with Victor praising him. But when he came home empty handed, Victor wasted no time expressing his disapproval. Kate tells him that Victor wants him to be exactly like Victor (Why is Philip calling him Victor and not DAD??) and he cannot do that, as he is who he is. And to remember he is also a Roberts. She wants him to be his own man, and to begin by making peace with Bo & Hope. Philip doubts that would be successful, but Kate is confident, telling him to drop the idea of total custody, tell Bo & Hope he wants to work out visitation, etc. Then she tells him that when Claire returns, he is going to need family, all the support they can provide. And to start rejoining his family, by having dinner with her, Lucas, Sami & Billie tomorrow night. Philip is reluctant, but Kate is persistent, and he finally agrees. Tomorrow Chez Rouge.

Shawn goes rushing thru what appears to be an empty island bar, yelling for help, when a guy comes out pointing a rifle at him. Shawn is soaking wet, and tries to explain about his little girl being sick and needing help. He doesn’t believe Shawn, but agrees to go down to the beach to check it out. Later, they return with Belle & Claire, and he pulls out a first aid kit from under the bar, saying he had a bit of medical training when he was in Nam. Shawn & Belle claim they were vacationing on his boat, and a storm came up, and they were washed overboard. A young gal comes out, saying she is Gabriella, Gabby for short, and sends “Duck” to get Doctor Mulder. Shawn wonders why a doctor would be working on such a remote island, and she explains that losing your medical license does not allow you to practice medicine on Park Avenue. (Hmmm, interesting she would even know about Park Avenue. ) She goes on that a doctor would then come to a remote island like Tinda Lao (O.K. so I am an old movie fan, and I can see in my mind a very sultry Hedy LaMarr saying “My name is Tanda Lao” in some old movie. I think it may have been White Cargo…tho not sure. LOL) Claire is running a temperature of 103 and it is rising. She gets some cold cloths, and Claire is crying pretty loudly. Gabby invites Belle to her room to get some dry clothes so she will not catch pneumonia. Later, the doctor is there, along with Duck, Belle, Shawn & Gabby, and giving Claire a shot of penicillin. (Hmm, now how does a doctor with no medical license get penicillin?). He then wants $50 for the house call. Shawn explains that they lost all their money when they went overboard. Gabby gives them $50 from the till, amid Duck’s protests. She tells him to take it from her tips. Duck wonders what Shawn & Belle are going to do now, and Shawn says he thought they could stay there. Nope, says Duck. Gabby insists they can, plenty of rooms. Shawn claims he will wash dishes, fix anything, etc. Duck tells him he could not even fix his boat, so cannot be much good. Gabby takes Belle & Claire to the kitchen for some bananas for the baby, giving Duck & Shawn a chance to chat a bit. Duck obviously does not want them around. Later Belle comes out, having put Claire down to sleep. She wants to stay, as they have not had roof over their heads, or slept in a real bed in some time. Shawn agrees to stay just one night.

Hope has said good-bye to Bo, wishing him luck, and goes back into Billie's apt. She is beating herself up, and Hope listens. Billie talks on, as she opens a bottle of wine. Hope convinces her that is not what she really wants to do, that she needs to forgive herself, and Billie agrees. She pours the wine down the sink.

Nick comes rushing up to Abby at the garage. Abby explains that Jed called her, and Chelsea has locked herself in the office. Abby tells Nick to wait outside, and she will try and get Chelsea open the door. She succeeds, and they argue a bit, as Chelsea goes on about Billie, her b bordello, and says once a whore, always a whore, and calling Billie the devirginator. LOL. Nick bursts in, and Chelsea now screams at Abby that she said she was alone. Abby said she was, that Nick was outside. Now Chelsea screams at them both, calling them both liars. (and you never were, huh, Chelsea?) Nick says he has always been her friend, even when she treated him like crap. Yep, she agrees, calling him her superhero, and he says he still is. He offers her his debit card, telling her to take everything he has, whatever she needs. She wants to go to Chicago. He will even give her his pin number, drive her to the ATM. She doesn’t trust him, thinking he will take her to Billie’s or something. He tells her she can drive. Abby has snuck outside, and called Bo, telling him she found Chelsea at the garage. (Man, that white car is still in the garage, it seems that poor owner is never gonna get it back.Ha)
Chelsea agrees to drive Nick’s car, taking his keys. She is about to leave, when Abby stops her. They say their good-byes, with Chelsea promising to send her a post card from the Windy City. Now Bo arrives, and Chelsea goes into another rant at Nick, who she believes betrayed her again, but Abby admits she was the one who called him. He asks why she did not stop by his house, but she says she did, no light in the window for her, so she wrote him a note and slipped it under the door. Bo tells her the investigators found no note. Chelsea is uncomprehending, as Bo tells of the fire. Chelsea asks about the baby, and Bo tells her that her baby sister is safe, Hope got her out o.k. Chelsea is glad all o.k. and learns the fire was confined to one small area of living room, was put out quickly. She comments that accidents happen, and she is glad all is well. Bo says, not an accident, arson. Chelsea is shocked, wondering what twisted mind would……..and the light bulb goes on, as she realizes she is suspected. She is angry, and begins yelling at him. Bo yells right back, telling her that this is not about Billie, him & Hope or Zack. He wants to know exactly what she did, when and where. And not the Chelsea version, but the God’s honest truth. And the previews show…..

EJ (in full beard again) to Willow: I make it a rule not to do any business with psychotic arsonists. I either avoid them or eliminate them. Which is it going to be with you?

Duck to Gabby: You’re wasting your time, honey. They’re a couple. Leave the guy alone.

Billie to Chelsea: I could die for you, Chelsea. It’s probably what you want me to do right now.
Chelsea: You’re right.

Steve, who has his hand over Kayla’s mouth, and she is struggling….to the orderly: I’ve got a knife in her back, dude. I’m gonna use it if you get in my way.


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