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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Episode #10,531
Tape date 2/26
Director - Albert Alarr

Duck & Gabby learn more about Shawn & Belle, while EJ questions Celeste, and Steve is stopped in his tracks.

ON TINDA LAO, Duck pressures Shawn as to what he & Belle are running from. Shawn evades the issue, just saying they will be leaving soon. Duck is rather insistent, as he downs shot after shot (that guy’s liver has to be in really bad shape, if he drinks like that all the time). Duck keeps on Shawn, finally threatening to call the states. As he starts to make a call, Shawn stops him, caves in, and off camera, tells him their story. Duck realizes they cannot keep running forever and are going to want to stop and settle down.
Meanwhile, Gabby is nicely doing much of the same to Belle. She insists on moving them to a room with two beds, but Belle knows Shawn does not want Duck knowing their business. Gabby says that they can just go into another room, and bring 2 beds into this one, and Duck will never know. Later, the beds are switched, and Gabby brings Belle a basket of stuff for a shower (soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc) and urges her to get in while the hot water tank is full. (Has to be, no other guests in sight, lol). She will take Claire (who looks adorable) down to beach, but Belle tells her sharply to put Claire down. She does not want to let Claire out of her sight. (Wonder if they have anti-rejection meds on that island??) Now Belle talks about missing her mom, and how sick her dad was when she left, and she has no idea if he is even alive. (and neither do we!). Gabby tells her to call her mom, that she pays all the bills, and Duck will never know about a call to the States. They go downstairs, and Shawn spots them, asking what is up. They babble about the basket of girlie goodies, and he laughingly retreats, taking Claire to their room. He gets up there, having forgotten his key, so returns to get Belle’s. As he comes up, he sees and hears Belle trying to get through to Salem.

AT THE PENTHOUSE GRILL, Celeste is seated, staring off into space, as her waitress tells her it will just be a while longer for her meal. Celeste is jumpy, saying something is wrong, and she has to leave right now. She hurries to the elevator, stabs at the down button, the door opens, and there is Evil Jerk. Ooops, I mean, EJ. (How that man is all over Salem at one time is astounding). He calls her Francesca, like his father did, but she tells him her name is Celeste. Ah, yes, he knows, but his father liked to call her that. (So, o.k. this somehow reminds me of Bridges of Madison County’s Francesca, but then, THAT was a love story! ) EJ proceeds to badger her about coming to Penthouse Grill so often of late, then accuses her of being there with Samantha, in the ladies room, for about 20 minutes. Celeste assures him she would never have anything to do with Samantha, that she was in the bar to meet a friend, and she hates Samantha. EJ threatens “Francesca” not to interfere in imatters not her concern. Celeste calls him Elvis, and he insists she not call him that, to call him EJ, (hmmnm now that is odd) and tells her to come with him into the bar for a drink. She refuses, but he lets her know in no uncertain terms that she may have mistook his invitation for a request, and it was not. Let’s go, says he. As he now sips his large martini, they banter back and forth. He talks of her being a member of the family, but she retorts that she is NOT a member of his family, but he has ruined hers. He ordered her girl dead, and tells him he is nothing like his father, who would never hurt his blood line, or murder his own flesh and blood. She continues that Stefano would think his deeds an abomination, and would be so ashamed of him. (Atta girl, Celeste!) EJ now accuses her of lying about Sami, but Celeste is adamant that she was there earlier to meet a friend for a drink. The friend did not show up, so she went to the ladies room to freshen up, did not see Sami at all, and left. EJ again threatens her, but Celeste assures him she will say nothing to anyone about their conversation, that she understands what the family is all about. EJ now is about to give her a report on the state of Stefano’s health, but Celeste could care less, doesn’t want to hear it, and whatever it is, hopes he does not recover, and when he leaves this world, hopes he rots in hell.

IN THE ABANDONED CABIN, Steve laughs at Marlena & Kayla thinking they can stop him from leaving. Marlena admits that she called Roman from the gas station where they stopped, and he is on his way. Kayla did not know and asks her why. Marlena says innocent people may be hurt. Steve tries to bully his way out, when Billie gets faint, & Kayla goes to her side. Steve pushes past Marlena, who promptly sprays him in the face with Mace or pepper spray….causing Steve to scream in pain. He goes down, and Marlena is trying to tie him up, asking Kayla to help, but she just stands there, staring. Marlena manages to truss up Steve, Billie goes outside for some air, and Marlena goes after her. Now Steve begs Kayla for help, telling her he still loves her, to just cut the ropes and they will go off together. Outside, Billie & Marlena talk in the car. Billie wonders who could have done this to Steve, and if he will ever recover. Marlena cannot believe she is still defending EJ, and says her concussion must be worse than they thought. Inside, Steve piles on the bull, and begs Kayla to cut the ropes. She kisses him, and tells him kisses do not lie. But he is still not old Steve, and says no, rushing outside crying. Billie comes up to her, with some encouraging words about Steve eventually recovering. We hear sirens as Marlena notes that has to be Roman. Inside, Steve is struggling, and manages to stand up, attempting to go out another way. The women come in, and Marlena gets him down on the floor again, yelling “I’ve got him”, as she holds the Mace can. And the previews show…..

Shawn to Belle: You have hot to forget about Salem. This is our life now, you better get used to it.

Dr. Kraft to Kayla: How do you help a patient who refuses to be helped?

Roman to Chelsea, with Billie looking on: We’ve got new information on the fire at your dad’s house, and he wants me to talk to you about it.

Steve (as he lays in bed) to Kayla: you’re a pain in the ass, you know that?


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