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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Episode #10,536
Tape date - 3/2
Air date - 3/28
Director - Albert Alarr

Shawn’s actions bring trouble, Kayla asks a favor of Max while Steve puts one over on Dr. Kraft, but only hurts himself. And guess what?….amazingly, not a sign of EJ for a refreshing change!

KAYLA & MAX are lunching at the Penthouse Grill, her treat. They exchange a bit of small talk, when she suddenly mentions him going on a vacation, and invites him to go to Italy with her, again her treat. (She sure must have put away a lot of money while she was in L.A. Ha!). Max is startled, figures there is something going on, and Kayla admits it could be a smidge dangerous. She then admits she wants to go after Stefano, to a shocked Max. She explains about Steve being held by Stefano when he was missing all those years, being brainwashed and EJ involved. Max wonders why she doesn’t ask Bo or Roman, her other brothers, but she claims they have been working for months trying to nail EJ, with no success. (THAT’s for sure) She also says neither could get leave. (And since WHEN has that stopped Bo? Ha.) Kayla tells Max that she needs backup, and asks if he will go. He says taking down international crime bosses is not in his job description, but Kayla is adamant about going. Max finally agrees on one condition………that they stop in NY on the way back so he can see Abby, who is there on a trip. Kayla says that is fine, the Big Apple it is, but don’t tell anyone at all of their plans.

ON TINDA LAO, Shawn is throwing Charlie out of the bar, causing Gabby to get very upset. Belle has come upon the scene, and wants to know what is going on. Gabby tells Shawn he has made trouble for all of them. Now Duck comes roaring in, yelling about Charlie being brother-in-law to the sheriff, who is a big Law & Order fan, and thinks he is a freaking Wyatt Earp! When noone else is around, Shawn gives Gabby what for because she told Charlie stuff about them. Gabby tries to make excuses, saying it is a small island, and Charlie just asked if they were married or shacking up. Shawn interrupts, and says that she then told him something that was none of anyone’s business and something he told her in confidence. He leaves. Later, Shawn & Belle are in their room packing and arguing. Shawn says they can sleep on the beach tonite, but Belle says no, she is not going to leave because he cannot control his temper. Shawn lets her know he did not punch out Charlie because of Gabby, but because he was insulting Belle. Gabby comes to warn them to get out quick, the sheriff is downstairs, but too late. Duck & the sheriff are at the door.
Now we see Shawn & the sheriff outside, with Shawn telling his story once more, and Gabby backing him up. Charlie is always getting drunk, and the sheriff admits he knows that is true. Upstairs, Belle decides to take Claire out to play, and leaves the room. 3 seconds later, Duck comes in to search and see what the boy scout is hiding. Downstairs, the sheriff says he will talk Charlie into dropping the charges, but still needs to make a report, and will need their passports. Shawn is taken aback. Belle comes along, and tells Shawn to tell the sheriff the truth, so Shawn explains how they left the States in his dad’s boat because someone was trying to take away their child. He says the boat sunk, and they ended up on an island, and eventually made their way to this one. (well, at least that is partially the truth) Cue Duck to come in, saying whatever they have told the sheriff is a lie, and he has their passports, obviously forgeries. Shawn & Belle are upset he was in their room, but he says he owns the place. The sheriff is ready to take action, but Gabby speaks up, saying that everyone on the island has lied to everyone else, all have secrets of some kind, it is why and how they all came there. She also adds that Duck search the room illegally, without a warrant, and therefore the passports are inadmissible evidence. She tells everyone she will talk to Charlie, and nearly everyone leaves. Shawn apologizes to Gabby for how he treated her earlier, and thanks her for her help. She hugs him, saying she will do anything for him. Upstairs, Duck comes to the room, looking for Shawn. Belle says he is still down in the bar. Duck now warns her about his daughter. He says he loves her dearly, but she has this weakness for men, especially dark haired, blue eyed ones. Sound familiar? He warns her Gabby is after Shawn, and that if she wants to keep her man, she had better stake her claim soon.

IN THE HOSPITAL, Steve paces his room, as Dr. Kraft comes in with his meds. She is not happy, as the staff tells her he has been refusing his meds. Dr. Kraft pleads with him, as they go back and forth with the same conversations we have heard before. Steve doesn’t want to be a drooling zombie, etc. etc. Dr. Kraft warns him about his deal, and that if he does not cooperate, he will be going to prison, but if he does, he will get extra privileges, like getting his lunch out in the commons, and watching TV. Steve says, o, goodie, I can catch up on all the soaps, and maybe figure out what is going on in them. LOLOLOL Steve admits he is scared, but finally agrees to take the pill, but fakes taking it, tucking it into a pocket or something after she leaves, and leaves the door open.
Steve wanders out into the commons, noting a few patients sitting here and there. A bit later, we see her come into the commons, and sit down to talk to Steve, who seems a bit spaced out (but probably faking that, too). She wants to know why he will not tell why he kidnapped John from the hospital, and how he forced Kayla to remove John’s kidney. Steve is vague in his response, and she talks about Stockholm syndrome. Steve says it is a pretty town, he was there one. (yes, you were, Steve, great story back then). She tells him how a group of hostages became brainwashed and were in sympathy with their captors. Steve now mentions a movie he saw once. “Ol Blue Eyes was in it, and Lawrence Harvey, a good actor, those guys were brainwashed”. (Steve is referring to the movie Manchurian Candidate). Dr. Kraft gets a call on her cell, and has to leave, but is pleased with the good start they have made.
Now we see Steve toying with the food on his lunch tray, obviously distasteful to him. He notes another patient has finished his lunch, and takes his tray over to the guy, telling him he can have more, to enjoy. He goes over to the sofa, plops down to watch the TV, commenting on how he likes the “wascally wabbit”, too. We hear a commotion over at the other patient’s table. An orderly has come in, and is yelling at the patient, saying only one tray, and he has been warned before. Steve jumps up, taking the blame, saying it was his tray, and he gave it to him, so to pick on him. The orderly now sweeps the tray to the floor, telling Steve that it is his tray, so he should clean up the mess, and to get down on his knees and start. Steve says, no, it is your mess….so you had better get down on your knees and clean it up. Freeze frame on Steve standing stalwart….and the previews show…

Shawn: You got a plan? You are serious about this, aren’t you?
Belle: Shawn, our lives depend on it.

Nick: I want you to love me. I’m not gonna compromise my integrity to make it happen.
Chelsea: You think I did this, don’t you.

Steve to the orderly (his shirt is half off the one shoulder). Fire away
The orderly fires what might be a stun gun..electricity comes out of it, and Steve falls to the floor screaming.

Kayla to Max: I need to be what I fear most about the DiMeras. Lord, give me strength


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