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WEDNESDAY, March 7, 2007

To our faithful readers:
A couple weeks ago we let you know that Linda was having some health problems and to bear with us as we dealt with it. Linda has been in the hospital, is doing better, but has a ways to go for complete recovery. We hope you will remember her in your prayers. Meanwhile Laney is out of town, Barb has some health issues, too, but is still around.
So, for this week, Barb & Sandra will be manning the fort. Summaries will be posted at varying times, but should be posted by early afternoon. Please bear with us during this time. Thank you all.


Episode #10,521
Tape dte 2/7
Director - Herb Stein

Chelsea is surprised at her feelings for Nick, Billie pitches her home security system to Bo, while Lucas has a talk with Kate, and EJ continues to taunt and threaten Sami.

In Chelsea’s apt, the heck with the calculus, as Nick & Chelsea continue to make out. She suddenly breaks it off mid-kiss, saying Oh, my God. Nick jumps up, embarrassed and babbling, saying how sorry he is, grabbing his coat, and offering to let her hit him, as he deserves it. Chelsea shuts him up by planting a big kiss on him herself. Nick is astonished, as this time she kissed him. Chelsea is astonished herself, having kissed lots of guys, but never having it affect her like this. He says it is because this time she felt it. Now they have a heart to heart, and Chelsea brings up Shane Patton, and all that happened, and how he made her fall for someone who did not exist. Ah, but he did, it was Nick. He always wanted to tell her but was scared, and wants another chance. Chelsea asks him to promise no more secrets between them, which, of course, leads to Nick flashing back to making out with Billie. He wiggles out of that one by promising that from this day forward, no secrets. They resume kissing, but Chelsea calls a halt, saying they should save some for next time. He gathers his things and heads out the door. One more kiss and he leaves, bumping into Billie in the hall. He is so happy, he has kissed the girl of his dreams and thinks he is in love. Billie goes into the apt, and there sits her daughter with this happy grin. (She does have a great smile!) Billie asks how the calculus went, and Chelsea says great. Nick is a really nice guy. Billie agrees.

At Bo’s house, Billie is describing her home security system to Bo, who is very impressed. He thinks it is great and offers to buy it. Billie is only too happy, having the cameras in her car, and it is not going to cost him a cent. She has a major corporation backing her, and an endorsement from someone like him is just what they need. Bo comments that it will be good for Hope and little doodlebug (yes, folks, that poor baby has still not received a name, I guess. LOL) keeping them safe when he is gone. Billie’s ears perk up, as Bo explains that they hope to hear from Shawn, and then Bo will fly to wherever he is to get a statement about working for EJ. Billie thought he was cleared, but Bo explains that Lockhart won’t blab about EJ, so if they get a statement from Shawn about being a courier between the two, it can tie them together, and they might get Lockhart to “fess up. Billie finally tells Bo that her investor is Mythic, and that as far as she is concerned, EJ is innocent until proven guilty, and there is nothing on him. Bo talks of how EJ, has hurt so many people he loves…..reminding her that EJ had Hope kidnapped, how he shot John, and now look at Steve. Billie really perks up at the mention of Steve‘s name, and is horrified to hear that Steve has been committed to a hospital for the criminally insane. Bo tells her there is no deal, he will not have anything to do with a business venture in which EJ is involved. They argue, and Bo tells her he is worried about her life. She reminds him she can take care of herself (oh, yeah, we have seen plenty of evidence of that, haven’t we? Not!). She angrily stalks out.

Lucas comes into Kate’s empty office, and begins to write a note, when Kate walks in. She apologizes for being the interfering mom, not only to him, but to Austin, Billie, and even Philip. She claims it has been hard for her to accept the fact that her children were adults and capable of leading their own lives. (oh, brother!) She cries, as she claims how much she loved her children and wanted only the best for them. And once again, Lucas caves, saying he knows and never really meant to cut her out of his life. (Is this the 433rd time for this?). Now they talk of Sami, and Kate cannot help herself rant a bit, bringing up how Sami embarrassed her at the Mythic presentation. Lucas reminds her she started it with setting Sami up with the fake cable show. Now he gives her the wedding invitation, letting her know that it was Sami who insisted on her being invited. Kate is hesitant, but finally agrees she will come. Lucas leaves. And now EJ comes in, and with his usual smarmy charm, learns that that Sami wants Kate to come to the wedding. They talk a bit of Sami, with Kate remarking that she knows he had a thing for Sami. EJ says he did, but Sami has made it clear that her heart is with Lucas. Kate wonders what EJ sees in Sami, and he replies that he admires her spunk. (Ah, a salute to Lou Grant & Mary Richards, lol) Kate says spunk is very over rated.

At St. Luke’s Church, EJ is taunting Sami about her pregnancy, and what he overheard her praying to God. He insists the baby is his, and that he will bring up his son to be just his grandfather (meaning Stefano). Over her dead body, spits out Sami. As he continues to claim he will take the child, she flies at him, beating on his chest with her fists, saying she will kill him. He stops her and she asks how he can even be there in a church, he is so evil, and done so many bad things. He retorts the same goes for her. She talks of him forcing her to have sex, forcing her to lie to her father, and her other loved ones. He says that is a matter of opinion, but that he & she knows how it went. (oh, this man is unbelievable!) He insists he will take this child, whether she likes it or not. He tells her he wants her to have an amnio to determine paternity within the next 48 hrs. and Sami refuses, saying she will not put her baby at risk. EJ is insistant, and demands she get it done, as he has things to get ready. She wants to know what he is planning for her baby, but he backs off, just saying he would be getting ready to be a father. He warns her again to have it done within 48 hrs. and leaves. Sami sits down, crying. Lucas returns, beginning to tell about giving the invitation to his mom, when he sees Sami’s tears. When he asks what is wrong, Sami jumps up, telling him to take her out of here, and then ranting on and on about packing up and leaving Salem for good, getting a fresh start somewhere else, just him, her, Will and the baby. Lucas is bewildered, as Sami is in tears, begging him to leave town. Freeze frame on Sami, with small pics of EJ and Lucas on the side. And the previews roll…..

Lucas to Sami: You are scared of somebody, and I think I know who it is…….EJ Wells

EJ to Willow: If you tell anybody about this conversation, you and your baby will not make it through the year

Billie: She is my daughter and I will not have you tell her about us
Nick: Sorry, Billie, I need to do this

Sami: I need your help
Celeste: I know, that’s why I’m here


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