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NOTE: There is NO SPOILER today.
Days of Our Lives will not air on Monday, January 2.
The following spoiler is for Friday's show.

Episode: 10,220
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 11/29/05

SUMMARY: It's New Years Eve in Salem as friends and family (only we know who's who though) gather for Belle, Philip and baby Claire; Marlena is home alone with Lois as Alex tries to warn everyone about the danger she's in; Bo and Hope leave Zach at his friends house so they can be at the hospital; Sami throws a mini NYE party.

SAMI’S PARTY…Sami decorates the apartment for New Years Eve. Austin returns home and informs her he’s made plans with Carrie already. Carrie arrives seconds later and Sami informs them they both have to stay for her party. Being nice they both agree and Carrie excuses herself for a minute as Austin asks once again if Sami heard who the CEO was of High Style. Sami denies knowing anything, thinking Carrie will never forgive Austin for taking over her company. Ding’s Lucas in his jeans and jacket saying he heard there was a party and his invitation must have gotten lost. Sami says it’s a company party, but sure, come on in (yeah..we always invite our ex-fiancee’s to parties, right?)…and he has a date…Eugenia. Sami consents and lets them in (give me a break!) She lets off some steam by blowing a noisemaker (LOL). Eugenia offers to drink a bottle of champagne for the both of them as Lucas wants to watch the action…knowing Carrie will want him after finding out Austin took over her company (yeah, but once Carrie learns he knew about their takeover plans and didn't tell her?). Lucas and Sami chat..both knowing each other is up to something. Lucas tells Austin that Sami needs him in the kitchen. Carrie thanks Lucas for not going after her company and tells him she and Austin may get back together. Sami even is fine with that. Austin tells Sami that Nicole is getting the take over papers notarized right now (must be a friend on New Years Eve night). Austin delivers champagne to everyone and Sami gives Lucas some cider. Austin wishes Carrie happy new year and kisses her as Sami watches.

AT THE PENTHOUSE…Dr. Banks tries to convince Marlena that Alex is dangerous, but Marlena only knows that he’s been nothing but kind with her. The doorbell rings and Dr. Banks reminds her that John said not to answer it..but Marlena clarifies she’s not alone being Dr. Banks is there and opens the door with a warm hello. It was flowers from John, with a note that he’ll always protect her. She tells Dr. Banks how John always sends her flowers, etc. A jealous Dr. Banks tells her that even in medical school all the men were after her (Marlena). Marlena asks Lois why Alex thinks she’s a threat to her. Lois corrects that she’s a threat to Alex, not her. She offers to warm up Marlena’s tea and for her to relax…(uh oh…got to watch out for that Salem tea). John calls and Marlena nervously asks how Claire is. Marlena breaks down, saying she’s coming right over and he tells her not to, she needs her rest. He tells her to stay there where it’s safe and she agrees (certainly not the Marlena we know). She doesn’t tell him Lois is there. Lois asks if that was Alex again, but Marlena honestly tells her no and about their granddaughter. Lois gives Marlena her tea saying it’ll help calm her down (I bet!). Standing behind Marlena, she smiles as she watches Marlena drinking her tea. Marlena tells Lois that John’s still at the hospital. Lois offers to stay the night with Marlena and they can talk in the morning. Marlena agrees. She tells Lois where the guest room is and to make herself at home. She heads up to bed as she’s suddenly exhausted (hmmm…wonder why?) Lois starts searching the penthouse for something and after opening the third drawer..says perfect.

AT THE SALEM JAIL…Alex asks for his one phone call that he’s entitled too, saying it’s a matter of life or death. The guard refuses by waving him off. Apparently another guard was listening as Alex finally makes his call…to Marlena. He wanted to make sure she was okay and to assure her that he would never hurt her. She’s confused that he didn’t use his one call to call a lawyer, but he was more concerned about her welfare. The guard speeds up the call and Alex isn’t worried about the charges, they won’t stick. He hears that Lois is there and tells Marlena she can’t be alone with that woman. The guards literally pull Alex away from the phone as he yells to Marlena to be careful. Marlena asks Lois why he said that. We see the guards pulling an irate Alex into his cell as he yells Marlena’s in danger. The guards sluff him off and leave, saying they were advised not to listen to anything he said.

BO AND HOPE deliver Zach to his friend Marcus’ house for a sleepover (guess the family got tired of babysitting him?). Marcus’ mother asks if Bo and Hope had a party to go to, but they tell her they’re going to the hospital to be with Shawn’s Goddaughter. They explain she’s had last rights and feel it’s going to be a rough evening. They both give Zach a few warm hug goodbyes (sniff). We return to more hugs and I love yous before they leave. Outside Bo tells Hope it’s just a sleepover, but she says with what’s happening to Claire, she can’t help but feel what it would be like to lose one of their children. Bo hugs her, saying that won’t happen.

AT THE HOSPITAL..Lexie tells Philip and Belle that their daugher’s condition is deteriorating and may be too late. Other organs appear to be shutting down. Belle knew she saw a sign on Christmas Eve that she’ll live and breaks down when reality hits. John, Kate, Victor, Shawn all watch, hopeless to help. Bo and Hope arrive. Shawn tells them no donor has been found yet and goes to look for Mimi who took a break. Bo tells them Chelsea called on their way over and needs a ride after her driving lesson (it’s after dark on NYE and she’s got a driving lesson?) He leaves to go pick her up. Lexie tells Belle and Philip that it’s too late for a liver transplant and they should consider taking Claire off life support. Mimi stops Shawn from going in, saying Belle and Philip need to be alone right now. Alice, Caroline and Pop Shawn are there now and Caroline talks to Victor. He tells her he’s been thinking about Bo a lot lately and how he didn’t know Bo was his son. Caroline told him it was for the best at the time. Kate frets that Victor will tell Caroline the truth, that Claire’s her great granddaughter. Caroline asks to speak with Mimi alone and asks how things are going. Mimi tells her about him including her in the family photo. He only can think about Claire right now and Caroline said it’s all they can think about. Philip and Belle walk out and he thanks everyone for being there and tells them Lexie feels it’s time to take Claire off life support. Belle said there’s still time for a miracle and Alice agrees, saying the best way for a miracle is to pray for one. Pop Shawn has everyone circle holding hands and John says a prayer. When he gets to the part that if Claire is to be taken to Heaven..Belle steps away not wanting to even think that. Pop Shawn has John finish the prayer. Hope gathers Belle in her arms (Marlena should be there!) as Victor tells Philip how sorry he is. Philip thanks Victor for being there and says how important family is. Victor agrees, seeing Bo and Hope hug and Shawn with his arm around Mimi. He goes to be with Belle and Kate tells Victor he did the right thing. Belle is sure she just needs a miracle and they need to keep her alive until then.

Hope calls to check on Zach. She’s told Zach didn’t like the fact that the cat had to sleep outside and then Zach walks in while they’re talking. Hope wishes him Happy New Year and he tells her that he loves her, Daddy, Shawn and Chelsea and then says "good bye mommy". His friend’s mom reports she’ll tuck Zach in and then is going to bed herself. Later we see Zach going to the fridge for a late snack and hears the kitty meow outside. He goes outside to look for it.

CHELSEA has a pity party as she waits for her by the rule cop father to pick her up. We see Bo driving Chelsea and she tells him how her driving teacher said she’s his best student and eligible for a temporary license. Bo tells her no way as she begs him. She tries to use the old I want to make you proud of me spiel and I’m worthy of being a Brady. That does it and he agrees. She then asks to use his car tonight, promising to be careful, no cell phones, yada yada…and of course he caves and says okay. She smiles big and says her driving is going to be perfect. (any brain transplants for Bo to allow his daughter to drive on NYE night after totalling her car just the week before?)

Zach has wandered out to the street calling for the kitty. He hears it meow and steps off the curb in between two parked cars as we see Chelsea driving with music BLASTING loud and reaches down to get her cellphone to make a call. She feels a ka-thump and says “what the hell was that” and “oh my God” as she squeals in shock.

Back at the Hospital….
Shawn pulls Mimi aside, saying he’s made a big decision. He’s got to stop putting his life on hold, it’s too short. He gets down on bended knee and proposes to Mimi.

Hope watches Belle and Philip and asks God to do whatever he can to keep Claire alive.

Kate tells Victor that Philip has gone through enough already. He agrees (for now) to keep the secret.

Belle tells Claire she’s going to get better. John’s with them and hopes she’s right. An alarm goes off as John winces.

Back at the Penthouse…Lois found scissors and with a crazy look on her face..looks upstairs. We see Marlena now in her pink pj’s getting into bed as Lois walks upstairs in the dark with the scissors behind her back. The screen freezes with Marlena snuggled into her pillow as Lois smiles outside the door…..


Belle tells Philip she’s my daughter and I’m not giving up on her and you shouldn’t either….Shawn says, “she’s right”.

We see scissors about ready to be plowed into Marlena’s back as she gasps….and John rushing up the stairs with a gun in his hand pointed up saying..”oh God, no…”

Outside somewhere…Chelsea tells Bo..”I’m so lucky to have you as my dad.”
Bo hugs her and says “Come here, it’s going to be okay”.

Hope looks down saying: “Oh my God, Zach.”

as the credits roll...

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Episode # 10219
Tape Date: 11/17/05
Air Date: 12/29/05
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Alex is taken into custody as he tries to warn John and Roman, but they won’t listen…Austin and Carrie get reacquainted…Kate disapproves of Eugenia working for Lucas…Sami appears to make “nice” with Carrie.

At Sami’s Place…she ponders the information she learned about Carrie being the CEO of Highstyle, wondering what to do with that info. She says that she can’t tell Austin and should let him go ahead with his plans for the takeover. She begins a conversation with herself in the mirror, who tells her she is making a mistake and should listen to her. She warns Sami that she is once again climbing a slippery slope of lies…she knows the truth about Carrie and should tell Austin immediately. But Sami says what is the point…it will do her no good to tell the truth. Her reflection tells her that Carrie still has Austin’s heart and that she (Sami) can’t take something that doesn’t belong to her. Furious, Sami says she will NOT tell Austin and picks up something and hurls it at the mirror, shattering it to pieces. As she picks up the pieces, the reflection tells her that she is going to lose and besides…now she has another 7 years bad luck…like she needs THAT. Sami says she is wrong…she will NOT lose. This time she will get Austin…as long as she just keeps her mouth shut.

Meanwhile, in the Park…Austin and Carrie walk as she talks about how hard it was coming home and facing everyone again…especially him. Austin says it is all in the past, no need to be nervous about it. She talks about how she broke up their marriage and cheated on him but he won’t let her shoulder all the blame, saying he was too preoccupied in helping Sami and neglected her in the process. She says she made a huge mistake and can’t forgive herself. But he says he made a mistake as well…he didn’t fight hard enough for her. She asks him if he regrets that their marriage didn’t work and he says every day. She tells him that she is now living in LA and he tells her how he thought he saw her at the concert. She tells him she was there and that she saw him as well. He asks why she didn’t say anything and figures out it was because he was with Sami. Austin swears that there is nothing going on romantically between them, it is just a work relationship. Carrie talks about how she wants to be a real sister to Sami, but they have been through so much, she doesn’t know if that is possible. She talks about how Sami has always been obsessed with him but Austin says things are getting better now. She asks about his new business and he tells her that he is working on something big, but offers no details. He asks her about her work and she tells him what she does (but doesn’t mention the company name). He asks her to spend New Year’s Eve with him and she accepts. He tells her that he needs to go back home to make a phone call so they walk off hand in hand. They arrive at the apartment, talking in the hall, and he says he is glad that they reconnected, he believes it was fate…just as Sami opens the door to hear that. Austin goes in to take the call, leaving the Brady sisters alone (Hmmm…is that a good idea? LOL). Carrie and Sami talk civilly as Sami talks about when they were little and she idolized her. Sami wishes they could be that close again…talk…go to lunch, etc. Carrie likes the sound of that as well and tells Sami for that to happen, they need to be honest with each other…and she may have a deal breaker for her. She tells her that she is interested in Austin. Meanwhile, Austin is on the phone with someone, telling them that he could never find out who the CEO for Highstyle was, but the deal is going through anyway. Carrie tells Sami she knows that Sami is after Austin as well (even though Sami denies it). Carrie confesses and tells Sami she overheard her in the ladies room…she was in the stall. Sami tells Carrie that they are both older and wiser now and that she knows that Austin’s heart still belongs to Carrie. Sami says that Austin was always more interested in Carrie…he is all hers. Carrie hugs her and tells her that she knows there is a perfect guy out there for her as well and thanks Sami for being honest with her.

At Lucas’s Apartment…Lucas is telling Kate that he has always loved Carrie and maybe the reason he fell for Sami is because he couldn’t have Carrie. But he says he knows that Carrie loves Austin and that he plans to step out of the way. Kate lectures him about Sami breaking his heart and she now fears that Sami will make a play for Austin as well. Lucas calls Kate on her scheming, saying she and Sami are a lot alike, driven by revenge. He says that if Austin and Carrie are supposed to be together, then it will happen and talks about he is just disappointed in love. She asks what can she do to help and he tells her to just stay out of it. She gets a call and goes to the other room to take it when Eugenia arrives, telling him that one of her friends at the bank called and Austin’s takeover of Highstyle is going through. She congratulates Lucas on “sticking it” to his brother. Lucas says his only regret is that Carrie will get hurt in the process. Eugenia says that Carrie will want nothing to do with Austin after this and Lucas could end up with her. Kate walks in, saying she can’t believe this. Kate and Eugenia get into it, trading insults and Lucas takes up for Eugenia. They rehash their schemes that broke up Lucas and Sami and Lucas asks Kate to leave. He says that he wasn’t so happy in the beginning to be working with Eugenia but she has won his respect and is loyal. (LOL, as she takes the opportunity to ask for a raise). After Kate leaves, Eugenia congratulates him for standing up to her and taking up for her. Lucas tells her that he appreciates her and respects her. He says they may have lost the Highstyle account, but they are going to hit his brother where it hurts…the heart…and that Carrie will never forgive him.

At the Penthouse…Marlena helps Dr. Banks up as Alex tries to explain what happened, but John doesn’t want to hear it. John cuffs Alex and sits him down as he asks Dr. Banks if she wants to press charges and she does. He calls Roman, telling him he is bringing him in. John, Banks and Alex go to the station, leaving Marlena alone. Marlena has flashbacks of seeing the photo of her beaten face and can’t believe that Alex did that to her. She is frustrated that she can’t remember her past and has flashbacks of Alex giving her the pearls as she choked and freaked out. She thinks that maybe Lois is right about Alex after all. At the police station, Lois tells Alex that he is going to get exactly what he deserved as they show Roman the picture of Marlena and she explains why no police report was ever filed. The cops take her for her statement as Roman and John take Alex into Roman’s office. Alex is protesting, telling them to listen to him but they don’t want to hear it. Alex swears that he is not a predator…Dr. Banks is…she has a vendetta against him and Marlena. Alex tells them they are putting Marlena in danger and if they don’t listen to what he says, she may not live until tomorrow. John calls Marlena and apologizes for leaving her there alone as she asks how Alex is doing. He tells her not to let anyone in until he gets back there. Just as she hangs up, the doorbell rings and she finds (guess who) Dr. Lois Banks there. Marlena explains she isn’t to let anyone in, but Banks pleads with her, telling her that she is terrified. Meanwhile, Roman is locking up Alex as he continues to plead with them to listen to him. Dr. Banks tells Marlena that they were best friends and she is scared…please let her in. Marlena finally gives in and opens the door. Dr. Banks walks in, looking around as Marlena stares at her…and the previews show…

Hope (to Bo): I don’t know what I would do if something happened to one of our kids (Bo): Woah…nothings going to happen (as he hugs her)…

Shawn (to Mimi): Will you marry me? (as she gasps)…

Marlena (to Dr. Banks): Alex just warned me…he said that you are some kind of a threat. Why did he say that?...

Lexie (to Philip and Belle): It’s time for you to consider taking her off life support…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,218
Tape date –11/29
Director – Albert Alarr

Sami keeps something important from Austin, while Kate learns the name of the woman two of her sons are interested in, Shawn keeps vigil with Belle, and Dr. Banks delivers proof of her accusations about Alex.

SAMI IS IN HER APT., remembering her angry discussion with Austin, after she learned he was still hung up on Carrie. She knows she has to derail any Austin/Carrie possibilities before they get started, especially if Carrie has feelings for Austin. She grabs an envelope, goes across the hall to Lucas’s apt., pretending she has a Christmas card for Will (isn’t it now after Christmas?). Meanwhile, Lucas has been on the phone, ordering a basket of flowers, insisting on orange roses, white lilies and sunflowers, not caring if the florist has to send to California for them. He tells the florist there must be lots of flowers out there, as they are having that Rose Parade, right? LOL. He hangs up, picks up a framed picture of him & Carrie at the Stones concert (oh, GMAB) & remembers her telling of still having feelings for Austin. Sami barges in, but Will is at Chad’s (guess he has overstayed his welcome at Arthur’s, lol) so they both get into their usual nasty banter, with each admitting that tho they are interested in Austin (Sami) and Carrie (Lucas), both those people have said they still have feelings for each other. (Hasn’t Days already done this, why recycle the same story?). The flowers arrive, Sami realizes they are all Carrie’s favorites, and pressures Lucas to work with her like they used to, so each can get the person they want, but Lucas refuses. He will not go that route again, if Carrie & Austin get together, fine. He opens the door, tells her to leave. As she does, in comes Kate, who is delighted to see Sami leaving.

Now Kate is smiling like a Cheshire Cat, as she meows about Austin & Carrie, leaving Sami on the outside of that picture (see below). She is happy both her sons have another woman in their lives and it isn’t Sami. Lucas finally admits that the woman he is interested in, has feelings for someone else…..and it is Carrie. Kate is floored.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Austin arrives in the cafeteria, sees Kate (who has now finally changed clothes and hairdo, lol) tells her he is meeting Carrie for hot chocolate, which pleases Kate. She is even happier when he tells her that Carrie & Mike are no longer together. She asks about his business, and he tells her about this little company he plans on acquiring, showing her the dossier. She looks it over, agrees with him, even suggesting Carrie might be a big help to him with it. (yes, I am rolling eyes here, too).

Meanwhile, Carrie has come around a corner, spots her dad on the payphone, and stops, with a big smile. Roman hangs up, turns, is so surprised, and just envelops Carrie in a big bear hug. She apologizes for not contacting him sooner, fills him in on the breakup of her marriage (ah, so she & Mike did get married in Israel, glad to know that, lol) & tells about working her way up the ranks in this little company, finally becoming CEO. Roman is impressed, and asks if she would consider moving the company to Salem, since it is a little one. Nope. He offers to help, but she says no, that Mom offered to help, too, but she wants to do this herself. Roman asks about Anna, and Carrie says last time she talked to her, she was in Italy for Fashion Week. (now THAT is a nice mention of past history).

Carrie tells her Dad about meeting up with Austin again, that she still has feelings for him, and is meeting him for hot chocolate. She says that she knows she was partially responsible for her breakup with Austin years ago, but that if it was not for Sami, they would have stayed together. Roman admits that Sami is a handful, but tells Carrie that Sami truly loved Lucas, and in spite of all the Stan stuff, he felt sorry for her. Carrie asks him about Kate, but Roman tells her that Kate has done despicable things, truly despicable, and it is definitely over.

Kate has left, and Austin calls Sami, who has just fluffed into her apt., after leaving Lucas. He asks her if any e-mails have come in about the CEO at High Style. Sami sits down at the laptop, says there is e-mail, waits for it to load…..and gets shocked to see Carrie’s face come up as the C.E.O. She tells Austin that it is only spam, as she deletes the pic. He tells her to call him if anything comes in, she assures him she will. She hangs up, commenting that there will be nothing between them when Carrie learns it is Austin who takes over her company.

Austin & Carrie finally meet up for their hot chocolate. She suggests Alice’s (now HOW does she know about that place, she just got back in town) or Java Café, but Austin says there is fresh snow, and lovely outside, so how about getting a hot chocolate and taking a walk. Carrie would like that, and they leave.

SHAWN JOINS BELLE in Claire’s room, bringing her some coffee. He talks about when J.T. was so sick, and how worried they were then, saying that no mother should have to bury their child. Belle replies that her mother did once. His name was D.J. and he died of SIDS. (Wow, so they FINALLY are remembering that Marlena had another child? Now let’s see if they ever mention Don Craig) Belle comments that he was just about the same age as Clare is now, and cannot imagine how her mother ever got through that. Belle beats herself up over how she ignored Claire when she was first born. Shawn tries to assure her that Claire was well cared for, and that everyone knew she had post partum depression. He tells her he brought something for Claire from Zack, his blankie. Zack wanted Claire to have it, that it might make her feel better. Belle covers Claire with the blankie, saying that perhaps Zack’s blankie will help Claire get better.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena doesn’t believe John’s accusations about Alex’s abuse, but he insists she hear what Dr. Banks has to say. Lois tells her they were the best of friends, confided everything to each other. Marlena is reluctant to believe her. Alex admits that she knew Banks in the past, but they were not as close as Banks is claiming. Lois goes on, telling how at first they seemed like the perfect couple, so devoted to each other. But as time went on, with their residency and all, they began to be apart more,as their patients took up more of their time. Marlena was becoming very successful, and Alex became very jealous, and then very possessive. She could go no where without him. Dr. Banks claims she has proof that Alex will suffocate the life out of her, and gives Marlena a folder. Marlena looks inside to find a 8/10 glossy of a very beat up Marlena (amazing, she looks exactly like she does now, yet it was supposed to be 30 years ago, lolol). Alex quietly says he was not the one who did that, and Marlena says she believes him. John takes her out on the balcony to talk some sense into her. Alex asks Lois what she thinks she is doing. She replies she wants to expose him for the deviant he really is. Alex tells her that he stood by while she tried to railroad him, but won’t if she tries to destroy what he has with Marlena. She backs away, trips, falls, just as John & Marlena come back in the room. She immediately yells for Alex to stay away from her, as John growls at Alex that if “you lay another hand on her, I’ll kill you. The previews show…..

Austin to Carrie in the hallway, as Sami comes out and overhears: It must be fate, us reconnecting like this. I’m really glad.

Lucas to Eugenia: When Austin realizes he stole Carrie’s company, she’s gonna be heartbroken.

Alex (in a jail cell) to John & Roman: I’m not the one you have to worry about. It’s Lois Banks.

Lois to Marlena at her door: Please let me in. Can’t you see I’m shaking, I’m really scared. Marlena: I guess it’s all right.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Episode: 10217
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 11/16/05

Summary: Frankie gets a lucky break, John stands guard at the penthouse; Salem teens deserved coal in their stockings by the way they're acting and Austin Reed Inc. gets back to work while Lucas and Carrie share french toast down the hall...

A sarcastic Chelsea arrives at Bo and Hope’s house with Max. She rings and knocks, but opens the door with her own house keys that Bo gave her to make her feel more welcome. She rattles on about coming to tell “daddy” about her first driving lesson and how well it went to smooth the way to getting a new car from him. She figures it would be a good time to score by searching the house for cash being no one’s home and heads for the cookie jar first..but tells Max she was just kidding (if he wasn't there we know she wouldn't be kidding. Max watches disbelieving. Chelsea whines about Hope’s not really caring about her and doesn’t know what it’s like being she was born rich. She knows Hope isn’t interested in helping her get a car. Max stands up for Hope, reminding Chelsea she almost got killed in that accident. He says you’re not immortal driving if you’re under 21 (I’m sure we’ve all witness many who think they are). She asks if he learned that in racing school, where they teach them to drive at 100+ MPH. He reminds her about her parents being killed in a car accident. She's tired of hearing that repeated as she always thinks about it. She breaks down, promising to be more careful next time ( yeah, right). If her parents want to see her happy again, they can buy her a new car. Max agrees with Hope about Chelsea not being ready for a car yet and she confirms it by saying the car is a place to listen to your favorite cd’s and catch up with friends. He points out the car doesn’t drive itself and she mentions it does have cruise control. He realizes she just doesn’t get it and she does get that they have the house to themselves and should take advantage of it…(guess the fact that he’s legally her uncle doesn’t bother her or him?) Kiss kiss.

Hope arrives at Jennifer’s saying Zach’s at Doug and Julies. Jen wished her parents were there for Abby’s sake. She herself can’t believe Jack’s gone. Hope feels for her cousin, sorry she’s all alone. Cue the swinging kitchen door as Frankie yawns and walks in with his coffee. Hope learns he missed his flight and has another one that afternoon. Hope hopes he’ll cancel that, but he goes to call a cab after Jennifer didn’t ask him to stay. Hope tries to get Jen to ask Frankie to stay, but Jen refuses to ask him, insisting to get through this alone. On her way into the kitchen, Jennifer asks Frankie if he confirmed his flight and he says he did. Hope can’t believe Frankie’s leaving so easily after promising Jack to be there for his family. Frankie tells Hope he’d unpack right now if Jen asked him to stay, but it’s her decision. He goes up to pack more as Hope tries to convince Jennifer she’ll need more than coffee over the next few months (so much for Salem tea, ha!). Jennifer realizes Hope cares and Hope tells Jennifer to let him help with the kids if not for herself. Hope reminds Jen again that Jack wanted Frankie there. Jennifer asks Hope to stop and she’s made up her mind. Frankie makes sure Jennifer’s got all his numbers and hugs her goodbye as he raises his eyebrows to Hope. We hear him scream as he steps outside and the ladies rush to see what happened. Later the doorbell rings and Jennifer rushes downstairs to answer. It’s Frankie hobbling in on crutches with the help of Max, Chelsea and Hope. Jen feels bad as the walk wasn’t salted as Jack usually did it (so much for getting along without him, ey?) Frankie apologizes to Max if he interrupted him (as we see a clip of his cell ringing and Chelsea irritated he answered it), but Max said he didn’t. Hope asks Chelsea about the driving lesson and learns she went and thinks it a waste of time, but wants her license back. Hope reminds her she was a teen once and understands. Max quietly tells Frankie his fall was accidentally on purpose. Frankie said it’s a broken leg, not fatal and he’s got a housekeeper. Hope asks if she cooks and he says no, but he’s got some women he can call. Max denies his harem doesn’t exist and he doesn’t have a housekeeper…he’s lucky to find a pair of socks. Frankie insists he’s okay, but Max tells him it’s his right leg that’s broken and he can’t even drive. Jennifer speaks up, insisting it’s final…Frankie’s not leaving and goes to get him some hot cocoa. Hope says she learned what a “lucky break” means.

AT SAMI’S APARTMENT…Poor Austin can’t even get through breakfast without Sami and Nicole exchanging insults. We learn he gave both Sami and Nicole briefcases with their initials on them and Sami gave him a plush bathrobe. She tries to make their relationship more than it is..a friendship...and he points out his best Christmas present was having Carrie back in Salem. (Sami’s sure got some fancy duds for as little money as she’s got). Austin asks Nicole to call Mickey to file the take over papers today. Later Nicole gives Austin the phone and he steps away to talk with Mickey. Nicole gives Sami a hard time about the personal gift of a bathrobe to Austin. Nicole gave Austin a business card holder and the two laugh at each other’s attempts to win Austin for themselves. Sami cracks up and Austin steps outside for some quiet. Sami continues to insist she’s giving Austin space and letting him keep his distance to realize how much he wants her. Nicole jabs back that no man is standing in line to date the woman who’s spent more money on wedding gowns than any other woman in America..wonder why? Nicole says she’s not interested in dating, just her career now. Sami has a Christmas present for Nicole…Carrie’s back…and neither of them will get Austin. She tells Nicole that Austin still loves Carrie, always has, always will. She goes to see Will and his presents (Austin didn’t want to go with her). Austin still hates taking over the company without talking to the CEO, but Nicole reminds him she never returned his call and the former CEO’s name is still on all the paperwork ( wasn’t even on Carrie’s door and she knew all the employees AND their kids in that short a time span?) He decides to make some calls to find out. He can’t believe they’re still closed for the holidays. (many companies are closed being Christmas was on Sunday)

We find Lucas and Carrie eating breakfast with Will, who tells him he wants to study film making. Carrie raves over Lucas’ French toast and he says he makes it for people he wants to impress. She jokes to Will that she’s glad she made it back to Salem before his wedding..which Lucas clarifies saying it’s because Will’s growing up so fast....and Will pops up with saying he had to..with the mother he was given you either have to grow up fast or turn to illegal substances. Carrie and Lucas both are caught off guard with that response. Carrie knows Sami means well, she just goes overboard sometimes. Will goes off to call a friend and Lucas is proud of his teenaged son (insert your own comment here mothers). He asks Carrie what her plans are and she names the people she wants to see…family and Mrs. Horton. They wonder how Claire is doing and he said Philip promised to call with updates. She vows to be back to High Style after the holidays. High Style is her life and helped her get through the break up with Mike. She thanks Lucas for not pursuing the take over. Lucas remembers Sami’s rampage about their doing the same. An older neighbor knocks on the door with some coupons she got by mistake. She recognizes Carrie and remembers when she lived there years ago and what a mess this is with Austin down the hall, etc. etc. Carrie tries to get the misdelivered coupons, but the lady clings to them as she rattles on. Carrie finally tells her to keep the coupons and shuts the door. Another knock on the door and they figure it’s the neighbor back once again.’s Sami to see if Will liked his Christmas presents. He coldly tells her they were on his list, so of course he liked them. Lucas and Carrie try to lighten the situation, but Will can’t wait to rush out to his friends after hugging Aunt Carrie and telling her it was great to see her again and joking with his dad about his cooking. Sami asks for a little kiss at least, for Christmas (as she’s holding back tears) and with his dad’s encouragement, goes over and gives her a grandmotherly peck on the cheek and leaves. Sami notices Lucas made French toast for Carrie and points out he only does that for special people. Carrie asks if Austin’s down the hall, but Sami says no, he’s got meetings all day and rushes out, breaking down in the hallway. She returns and lies to Austin when he asks about Carrie. She tells him she’s visiting family.

Marlena and Alex are more than irritated by John’s insistence on proving Alex’s being dangerous. Roman and Kate left and John’s standing guard. John mentions preventing Marlena from being attacked “again” and coyly refuses to tell them more until their guest arrives. Alex points out that John is in serious denial and Marlena came to the cabin with him on her own free will…that’s not kidnapping. Alex tells John he’s got control issues, LOL. Alex stands firm that Marlena’s chosen him. Dr. Banks arrives and John enjoys introducing her, confident that Alex’s game is over. Once Dr. Banks tells Marlena about Alex, he’s sure she’ll file charges against him that will send him to prison and out of her life for good….


Sami tells Lucas: If Carrie finds out that Austin is interested in her and Austin finds out that Carrie is interested in him…we’ve lost!

Austin to Carrie: How about a cup of hot chocolate and we take a walk. Carrie smiles and says that sounds nice.

Belle to Shawn: Ever since Claire got sick I’ve felt closer to you than ever. We see them hug.

Dr. Banks is on the floor screaming at Alex to stay away from her. John tells Alex if he lays another hand on her he’ll kill him….

As the credits roll…

Friday, December 23, 2005


Horton Tree Trimming

Welcome to the Horton Tree Trimming...
The first 3 pictures came in an NBC email and we wanted to share with everyone. The pictures below are from Sheryl's DOOL picture site (linked in left hand column). Thanks for the great pictures of the ornaments and those hanging them Sheryl.

Here's the Brady portrait also taken on Christmas Day.


Monday, December 26, 2005

Directed by: Albert Alarr
Episode: 10,216

The Brady family celebrates Christmas at home...and are about the only ones who do as everyone else is at the hospital or searching for Marlena. (is Zach whispering to Santa that he wants his contract renewed, not cancelled?)

Philip and Belle stand watch over their dying daughter as Shawn and Mimi remain closeby. Shawn gives Belle an angel necklace for Christmas when Philip goes to try and find Lexie and Mimi for tea. He mentions how Claire might have been his daughter had things worked out differently. He gets a message to come home and he and Mimi leave for a while as Belle tells them family comes first.

Carrie and Austin continue their discussion on the terrace. He asks about Mike and she carefully answers that he’s still back in Israel with Jeremy. Austin asks if they’ve been under any danger there and she tells him no. She changes the subject to his company. Nicole calls and Austin quickly tells her he’s done what he’s had to do, she needs to file the papers (hello, it’s CHRISTMAS NIGHT) and that he can’t talk right now. After Sami and Lucas exchange insults after their kiss, he notices Carrie and Austin on the terrace and points it out to her. She barrels out there to welcome her sister home and asks about Mike. She notices Carrie’s ring finger is bare and Carrie tells her that she and Mike aren’t together anymore. Cue Austin’s surprised face at that news. Lucas suggests they get back to his apartment (uh, doesn’t ANYONE care about WILL…neither Sami or Lucas have even mentioned their son on Christmas Day!!) and Carrie clarifies there weren’t any hotel rooms available and Roman’s house was sold…Lucas offered her his guest room. Austin mentions she’s just down the hall from him and Sami corrects him with..down the hall from us. Carrie mentions that Lucas told her that Austin, Nicole and Sami are all living there platonically. Austin informs her about the new place he leased and will be living in ALONE and asks Carrie to see more of her while she’s in town. She agrees.

Jennifer, Abby and JJ are about the only family remaining (except for Maggie...where did everyone else go?). Jennifer feels Jack’s presence and when the doorbell rings, is sure it is him. She answers saying “you’re back”, but it’s Frankie. Due to weather his flight was delayed and he realized he had forgotten to give them their Christmas presents. We see them open JJ’s stuffed animal, Abby’s bracelet and a Charles Dickens book for Jennifer. Jack watches from outside the window as he says goodbye to his family.

We return to Bo, Hope and Zack enjoying a warm, family Christmas. Bo’s bummed as Chelsea left without saying thanks for her present or even Merry Christmas. Hope encourages him to hang in there. Sure enough, Chelsea returns and apologizes for not saying thank you when she left. His gift of driving lessons kind of smarted, but she realized it was a way for her to get her license back and for that she’s grateful. She hugs him after thanking him and wishes him a merry Christmas. Chelsea brings up having a license and no car will be hard, but Bo pipes in with they might help her with that when the time comes and Hope concurs and and smiles. A visitor arrives and Bo said it’s Hope’s surprise. He hired a photographer to take their family portrait (ouch..on Christmas night and in their own home..that’ll cost them!). Hope’s worried that Shawn’s not there, but Bo left word at the hospital for him to come home and he’ll be there. Sure enough…Shawn and Mimi arrive (sure took long enough for the photographer to set up as Shawn was still at the hospital when he arrived). Hope asks Chelsea to join them in the picture and Shawn asks Mimi to as well. Mimi doesn’t feel it’s appropriate (yeah, she’s not really “family”) but Hope agrees and Mimi does so. Shawn and Mimi return to the hospital. Later we see Chelsea playing with Zack as Bo and Hope watch. They ponder what will happen when Zack’s a teenager, but figure they’ll have 10-12 years before needing to worry about it.

We find John, Roman and Kate (in the back seat) in the car enroute to Alex’s cabin. The car is stopped and Roman took the keys as he realized they can’t just rush the cabin without cause. He and Kate both remind John it would alienate Marlena even more. Inside the cabin we find Marlena dozing on the couch and Alex at the fire. He puts a pot of milk on the fire to warm for cocoa, which he tells Marlena was one of their favorite things to do while they were together. Later the milks starts boiling over and in the rush to get it, the fire goes out by the milk. Marlena calms an anxious Alex down who was upset his plan backfired, assuring him they can rebuild the fire and heat more milk. John and Co. arrive to see Marlena bending over the fireplace then screaming (as Alex comes toward her with ax in hand). They rush in and pull Alex off of Marlena only to learn a loose ember had caught Marlena’s sweater on fire and Alex was only trying to put it out. When Marlena tells them they had no good cause to break in like that, Kate walks in saying they did…John tells Marlena that they have proof that this man (Alex) is a monster and he’s getting her away from him right now…

As the previews roll…

Lucas to Carrie…”If you’re meant to be with Austin, there’s nothing Sami can say or do to keep Austin away from you.” Carrie says that won’t stop Sami from trying.

Nicole and Sami both feel confident they’ll get Austin

Chelsea and Max are alone in the house and she decides they should take advantage of the situation as she leans in to kiss him.

John is standing next to Dr. Banks and tells Marlena he can press charges against Dr. North and get him out of her life…

As the credits roll….

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